Whatever happened to...

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by babylove, May 5, 2005.

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  1. real men? Ones who will stand by you, without taking control? Ones who will support you when you need it, and let you do the same back? Ones who arent' too wrapped up in their own egos to really listen?

    Or is that asking too much, are they really all controlled by their balls?
  2. yes you're wrong!!!

    it's the johnson , not the balls.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Whatever happened to...

    All of the heroes ?

    They let their Rome burn.

  4. Thats like saying whatever happend to all the real women?, The ones with nice pert arses instead of the one that have scaffolding to support them.The ones who look good in combat trousers and dont test the tensial strength of the fabric. The ones you dont have to chew your arm off in the morning just so you can sneak out of there house.
    The ones who dont need to have there stomach shaved to stop there arm pit hair reaching there gusset. The ones who dont think they can drink there fella under the table, and belch the loudest. The ones who can actually reverse a car into a carpark slot in Tesco's. Ones who arent wrapped up in there own menstral cycle that blames the blokes for the whole of the worlds problems!
  5. that would be me :twisted:
  7. not that you're bitter, Sabre? Pull up a couch and tell Dr. Kez all about it. Did some nasty lay dee upset you?
  8. Dear Dr Kez

    The people i descibed early in my post, were most certainly not ladies, Nor some thing i would like to descibe a part of the female species.

    The only word i can descibe them as are psycho -hose troggs, howver i do feel i have been using the wrong after shave and been attracting them consistantly.

    As fo rthe rest of the proble, , you wi;ll have to get me on the couch to find that out ;P
  9. BabyLove tis a fine line you wander with this. Yes these types do exist but many cross-over to full on gay. If what is left is what you want crack on girl. But when it comes time to change the flat on the car, kill the snake in the back yard or take charge when some ponce spills his beer on you in the pub; then your hero might not make the grade.

    In my world Mrs Numnums and I have a caring and loving relationship. I care that she does the dishes and she that I cut the lawn. She loves me being the stud in the pit (particularly when I string it out to the full 60 seconds) and I love it that post coitus she fetches the beer.

    Tell me do you watch Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and ooh and arr? In which case marry a gay guy.

    Your sensitive, new age Infantry person.