Whatever happened to Undercover Soldier?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Am curious to know....

    Remember that truly pisspoor BBC documentary, where the idiot reporter went undercover at Catterick to expose the evil crimes against humanity perpetrated by instructors on recruits there?

    There were some cases already under investigation, but I haven't heard whether they were dropped or are still being investigated or whatever.

    The BBC is probably pleased that its brilliant, fearless investigation disappeared so quickly without a trace, but I don't see why they should be let off so lightly - producing rubbish programmes like that.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Hopefully he was laughed out of journalism for his p1ss poor and unrevealing expose.
  3. I think the resulting "Trial by Television and hearsay" Courts Martial is still ongoing in Catterick. I'm so glad to see the hideously overstretched defence budget being squandered on what is effectively an exercise in PR.

    The journalist concerned should be the one in the Courts Martial Centre.

    The BBC should be prosecuted and forced to repay the cost of the scrotes training.
  4. He was just a silly young chod who was used by the BBC. The real question should be what happened to the BBC bosses who wasted a lot of money, and deprived the Yorkshire Regiment of a trained soldier, for the sake of a second rate TV 'expose'.

    Probably nothing happened to the smug deceitful Nuflab tossers and they are still being paid high salaries and churning out crap programmes. Mind you, I bet they were gutted when their investigation revealed that ITC Catterick employs robust anti bullying policies and investigates and punishes NCOs who assault recruits...........
  5. I'd have keep the lefty sh!te in and sent him to the stan, see if he wanted to expose anything from there.

    On second thoughts, maybe not, he'd just be a liability.
  6. According to a lettter I received from my MP after I complained about that shabby programme, the BBC were going to "donate" the wages the scrote was paid by MOD to H4H. There was no hint of regret or apology in the BBC's letter, but there again I didn't expect any. Agree about the prosecution and repayment though.
  7. Be nice to know if they actually did make the donation. I sense a phone call coming on...
  8. Hearsay evidence from a guy who lied to get in, lied to get out and pretty much lived a lie throughout the film.

    I still will not forgive that piece of sh1t for taking The Oath, filmed by some BBC stooge, amongst other descent recruits.

    I hope he had the morals to hand The Oath back in, pref with out the big skid mark he essentially left on it for all of us.

    The fcuking cnut.

    I wonder if he and his retard mate who thinks we're all violent or whatever it was he said, are crying in to their pints at his not quite supersonic rise in to the stratosphere of elite journos?

    Number 1345 at the job centre perhaps?


    Click here to feel your p1ss boil.
  9. I must be the only one who really enjoyed it - his description of every aspect of training as if it were some crime against humanity was top notch.

    "I have to share a room with three other trainees!."

    "We have to get up at five o clock in the morning!"

    "I did bayonet training where the instructor shouted and swore at me!" *sob*
  10. I actually made a point of not watching it because I had a very clear idea from the onset that it would have been drivel, glad I wasn't disappointed.

    edited to add, does anyone know his real name and tried googling him to see if he has work in the industry since?

    (journalism as opposed to soldiering).
  11. I heard he's now working out in the 'Stan for a PMC :)
  12. Have to say, that did give me a bit of a giggle when I watched it! What the f**k was he expecting??

    The poor darling had probably never been swore at in his life and mummy would most likely get him up at 0830 with a nice bowl of ready brek prior to going to Catterick.
  13. Complete arsebandit.

    Devilish , his name's Russel sharp.
  14. russell sharpe, ex carer for Special Needs Children IIRC.

    We should go undercover at the BBC and/or at sharpe's new place of work?

    Perhaps an expose on him?

    See how he likes to build up trust and a working relationship with a guy who then knifes you in the back.

    Take it no one told him the axim... "The enemy loves treachery but EVERYONE hates the traitor" or similar.

    Not to mention his lieing about his non-existant girlfriend being pregnant and causeing (no doubt) a welfare case.
  15. Although i didnt see the program i recently did a course with one of the Inf Instructors seen on the program. He told me he was soon out and actually out of all the trainees, he was one of the better soldiers. A lot of journalistic licence was used in the filming.