Whatever happened to the Saxon APC?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Vegetius, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. Hello infantry forum.

    Was sorting through my old phots circa. 1987 when I found a picture of me and some mates sat on top of a Saxon at a TA recruiting stall at a county fair. IIRC it was a big, cumbersome thing designed for urban warfare or something. I think it was meant to have a minigun in it, ours just had a GMPG mount.

    I vaguely remember some news stories of the Saxon being unsafe and there being accidents in the Balkans when it was deployed there to light inf. role. After that I never heard of this singularly ugly bit of kit.

    So, what happened to the Saxon? Is anybody still using one? Do they fall over when cornering?

    Simply curious before somebody asks if I'm a journo (which I manifestly am not). Will I be able to buy a surplus one soon for Mrs. Veg to take the Veglet to nursery?

  2. V,

    They're currently used in Kabul. Mainly to ferry troops between the APOD and the camp.

    Nothing else to tell - well not on the subject matter, anyway.

  3. Ahh, the armoured bread-van.

    Excellent for doing what it was designed for, ie transporting troops to the front with a modicum of protection. Big as a house and it carried your bergan, saving a walk with a heavy bag. Not good for taking into the assault / manoeuvre platform as one article in the Infantryman once suggested.
  4. Many thanks for the speedy and informative replies.

    Mind you, ten guys in the back? FFS!

  5. Someone was flogging a war stock surplus for £10 000 which considering mod paid £100 000 for each one .Its truly a hideous vechicle
    but guess its better than a truck or walking .
  6. I believe Leconfield still train drivers in them
  7. In the early 90's we'd been told we'd (8(Y)LI) that'd we'd be getting them but then at SDR heard a rumour we'd (EWRR) get a warrior troop to provide familiarisation and drivers ...... far too logical idea !!
  8. our Bn used them as part of 24 Inf bde in the late '80s. Beats the fcuk out of shanks pony, or Heli-bedfords which we converted to.
  9. Currently being used in the Public Order role in Northern Ireland.
  10. I don't know why we didn't go for a variant of the Mowag - it's more expensive than the Saxon but cheaper than the Warrior, carries more troops, has shed loads of variants, has better off road handling than a Warrior, gets across snow better, and can be fitted with a similar turret.

    The Yanks, Canadians, Irish, in fact most decent armies seem to have a version!

    Apart from the home of the SA80!
  11. Apparently, Warburtons were looking for some for doing urban-area deliveries.
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  12. That's why you're getting FMRAV.... you hope...
  13. Veg.

    Witham Specialist Vehicles, Colsterworth near Grantham have Saxons for sale. Along with FV432's, Centurian BARV and various
    CVRT's. They are also the disposal company for most Mod Vehs.

    Actually got a sale on on Friday - could be your lucky day
  14. http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=279&Overide=1