Whatever happened to the RPC?

One day they were here, now they seem to have gone!

Who still remembers them - what about 144 Coy in Munster 84 and the Depot in Northampton?


Outstanding - they went on formation of the RLC. Have you been away for thirteen years? Those in the ARRC Sp Bn are, shock horror, RLC not RPC. But well done for raking over old coals. While on the subject, what happened to the SLR? Or STALWART? Or ACTIVE EDGE?

Bore off


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What ever happened to Derek.

But i think yopu all miss the point, the Truckies and Stackers, Cooks and Posties still retain to agreater or lesser extent a feeling of having been part of something else. That does not seem to have een the case with the Chunks who have simply become absorbed into RLC, more easily than the pther constituents. It is simply a bit of a shame as I remeber some good times with the boys back in Munster, guarding 50 Msl RA as we trundled all over NW Germany. I think that nearly all of those guys must be out by now?


a believe WEF 4/12/06 next week, the 'pioneer flash' will once again become an official embelishment for those personnel serving in 23
Heard so as well - either a good wind up or a bit of re identifying with their roots!
I thought the flash had been in for some time?


Yes, officially the pioneer flash is allowed back on combat jackets only. In hours of knowinfg almost all the lads had them back on!

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