Whatever happened to Ron Hills and high heels?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by macster88, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Yep. Just see some of those crackers from the early 90s spreading their legs sporting blue Ron Hills with white veiny breasts (that resemble a BFG roadmap), white tippexed heels and peroxide hair.
  2. The 80s haven't entirely gone away....

  3. Wouldn't she prefer to be holding wood?
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  4. The images I recall of said trackster and stilletto wearers, also involved Deirdre Barlow/Dennis Taylor glasses, JPS 100s and a vacant stare of special needs. Usually married to a 20 year JNCO. Not to generalise or anything. Oh and a pram.

    I was early 90s, so I may of missed the quality scunters who adopted the look late 80s. Like the OMO thing, always heard about it but never saw it.
  5. 'Kin 'ell, dead ringer for my sister.......she's due untold extras for leaving the safety off, fecking nig!
  6. Ah yes, the Staffy regt wives in Fally. How are all my kids by the way?
  7. "The 12 beauties known as the 'Forces Foxes' have posed for classy black and white shots, taken by top photographer Mick Payton."

    Pad's wives and classy in the same thought bubble? My times serving at the Wive's club Christmas Function beg to differ.
  8. Speaking of ND's

    Phone number of sister to ahem help me clean up :oops:
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  9. Dad? Where's my fucking pocket money?
  10. In the dealer's pocket who sold the rohypnol to Daddy.
  11. Moody Bitch still wears Rons.
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  12. Gorgeous. The bird's nowt special though
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  13. They have been replaced with the hippocrocapigs round my way, just wearing pj's and a dressing gown all day. Why bother getting dressed to watch Mr Kyle talk to family members.
  14. Bet Bigbird67 does as well