Whatever Happened to Nagasaki? .. and other Garrison mingers

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Hellmans, May 16, 2009.

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  1. Anyone that served in Ripon during the mid to late 80's should remember the Nagasaki Nightmare. She was about 4'6", 18 stone, had alapecia and tattoos, at a time when only Sailors and Whores had them.

    She frequented the Mucky Duck and the Hornblower Tavern (Not just a Pub but an Oasis in the Desert of Life!! Remember that?)

    Her running mate was Lucious Linda, with the hair lip and cleft pallet?

    So, what happened to her? Did a luckless 22yr Sapper with a pished stained mattress and beer belly end up marrying her? If you did, and she is the love of your life, then I won't apologise, cos she was a right fecking horror! Anyway, you would be too embarassed to cough that on here! But if you did then you deserve the VC to go with the VD :safe:

    So, does anyone remember her?

    What other Garrison horrors were there?................................... and did you ever go there? AND, if you did, will you ever admit it?
  2. .....Just thought of another one, 'The Horse' from the Two Sewers in Chatham, now there was a scary thing!
  3. I'm just having a big row with the Missus....alapecia and tattoos eh? Ripon, eh? She denies it all of course :roll:
  4. VC is in the post! My comisserations........................

    Still, you can always sell her thongs on ebay as Motorbike covers! :D

    Always look on the bright side of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Feck Tremaine I just spat me coffee out, you owe me a new keyboard :)
  6. The Gib Cookhouse Scoff Monster. Enough said.
  7. The "Black Widow" of Preachers/Zone fame.
  8. Forgot about that one, she had cankles!

    Wot a grot !
  9. Don't recall Nagasaki - but do recall "Olive" from Ripon - named as she was the spitting image of Olive Oil from the popeye cartoons, worked in a mushroom farm and went like the clappers, also had a fat horror mate with her all the time.

    1997 ish???
  10. Too late for me. Mushroom Farm eh? It was Chicken Factory and Teacher College that supplied the local talent when I was there!
  11. still going strong! eerr...allegedly..
  12. Anyone remember Scaramanga from Cambridge? She was a WO2's daughter from Waterbeach. She was going strong in the early 90s around the time of the big AIDS paranoia and everyone was claiming she was riddled. Eventually married a civvy but was still putting out a lot!
  13. The Witch, Osnatraz circa late 80's early 90's.
    She was an Ex pads wife (Boggy Rangers)
    Did her then her daughter in the morning.
  14. Anyone remember 'Dip and Dazzle' from Tidworth c1991? Didnt know who she was looking at or talking to. You wear in the shit f she made eye conatct with you which generally meant an offer of 'twos up'
  15. The scoff monster is now brown bread, god rest her soul. Anyone remember fat Kathy and Spud nose from Chatham in mid 90's