Whatever Happened To Mutley?


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In recent years the name Mutley has become increasingly synonymous with those service personnel who have an unhealthy obsession with their 'medal count'. This led me to wonder about the real Mutley and what he's doing now. Well, with a little help from Google, I've found out and feel like sharing!

Whatever Happened To Mutley?

For some he was the cartoon hero: the ever enigmatic sidekick of Dick Dastardly. He had an all too brief revival in the late 1980's, and a frankly poor return in the 1990's. Yet he remains a cult figure. So...


To find Mutley, cult dog and star of most famously 'Stop The Pigeon' and 'The Wacky Races', first thoughts turn to Hollywood. One could easily imagine Mutley reclining next to some cool blue swimming pool, may be sharing the odd cocktail with Richard Gere and a bevy of beauties. The reality is stark and brutal. At present, Mutley is to be found in the cramped dressing room of the Tonbridge All-Star Theatre in the leafy idyll that is Kent.

For those who remember the lithe and sexually alluring Mutley of old, the 1996 version is a depressing sight. Visibly older, a hunched, podgy and wrinkled figure with rather scraggy fur, he constantly drags on a Marlborough and snacks on Bonios as we speak of the good old days. On speaking, the truth is further revealed. The voice is not the set of gruffs and growls of fame, but a sober upper class English accent.

Turns out he was being abused by Dick Dastardly.... or was that abused by a dastardly dick?


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REgards said:
Cheers rp, now I wonder what happened to Penelope Pitstop? :?
Well according to the interview ...

Q: But it was at the funeral you met Penelope Pitstop again?

M: Penny? Oh God, yes... Well now, in retrospect I wish it hadn't happened. She turned up reeking of drink, looking awful, the poor dear gal. Anyway, she said she could get me a job working in low budget sex films, which was what she was doing at the time. I was probably a bit worse for wear and I needed the money, so I said yes. You have to understand old boy, I was desperate. truly desperate. Those films [including the blue movie 'classic', Mutley Fashion] were humiliating for both of us, they were trash, absolute trash. Here we were, two great stars reduced to doing porno flicks to live... well, perhaps more accurately, to drink... Sad beyond belief...
Recently found pics of the guy who did the voices for Mutley and Dick Dastardly when bored (Paul Winchell)- surprising how much like Dick Dastardly he looks!


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