Whatever happened to Joe?

Discussion in 'REME' started by sombrerofrog12, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Just curios[not that way !] does anyone remember our sexchange WO2 from a while ago?Anything recent on how he got on? He was one of my trng lancejacks in 83 and trng WO2 at 12 AWearly nineties ,and seeing that para shimbo in the paper today reminded me of him.
  2. Can't help with that one, but it reminded me of another sweetheart I met a couple of years ago.
    Early morning and I was having a quick coffee in the canteen of a factory, while waiting for a machine to be shut down. Sat near me, was a seriously ugly woman in a frock. Unusual, as the women from the offices didn't normally get in that early. I clocked her stringy legs, as you do, and saw 1/2" stubble poking through the fake sun tan and purple blotches. Enough to make you barf.

    This high speed production factory was so loud you needed earplugs and communication required head to ear shouting. I don the gear, put ear plugs in and make my way to the particular job. Half hour later, I'm climbing my way through a tangle of overhead walkways, pipes, cables etc, making my way to a control box, where the fitter was waiting for me to show him what he had to remove.

    As I approached the fitter, I could see him crouched over the job having a look at what was needed. I got nearer, tapped him on the shoulder, and leaned forward to speak in his ear. I nearly shat myself when he turned around and I saw it was 'Ugly woman'. With thick face makeup on, a red gash of lipstick and purple eyeshadow, the sideburns looked quite odd. I realised in a heartbeat that this 'Ugly woman' was a bloke and now my face was within inches of his/hers.

    A hasty retreat was called for. Speaking to the manager responsible for this, he explained that 'she' was a long term fitter, who had recently come out. He also told me after declaring his inclination, the blokes wouldn't let him in the showers with them. His attempt to use the ladies caused a riot. So the factory had no option other than to build a new shower, just for him/her.
    I was asked to please not call him/her any derogatory term at all, as he/she could then go for the big compensation.

    After the initial outrage / shock and awe, I felt strangely attracted..........
  3. Sombrero dude!! It was last heard of in charge of THE GENDER REASIGNMENT DESK, at some spurious backwater HQ type building. But that was ages ago, hopefully its been put down.
  4. Im keeping you two apart, I remember us all doing a bit of gender reasignment with Sombrerofrogs nipples round at your pad 24A. I bet Frogs never touched becks tops since :wink:
  5. Youre not wrong there Iron, never been near a Becks since! ....well not in the company of foul perverts like 24A and your good self.