Whatever happened to (insert ARRSE member here)?

Soft liberal cunt. Three attaboys and unlimited bullshits.

Let the blood and tears flow...
It'd be a nice earner for the site, they could sell extra votes and let the feckers level up. They'd be like scousers on smack.
Group Stranglewank that went badly wrong. Thai authorities are calling it "The Day Bangkok went 'Full David Carradine'"
'Group stranglewank'? I am most certainly stealing that little gem for much usage. Fuck yeah!
I remember that thread but not the user I am trying to recall... his was a thread about lesbian/s living in his attic room or somesuch.

Mind you, he flounced off into the Deutsche sunset over some perceived slight or another didn't he?

Pigshit freeborn? Was that him?
Evil_Adjutant always made me laugh. Wielded the hammer with a cutting wit and quaint politeness.


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What about crepello?

Not heard from him in a long time.
Crepello was a good lad. As far as I know he's OK just got really busy and life events took over.

Pity because he played a blinder against panty O'Flammable, pretending to be another delusional Marxist.

It was only when he went a little too far and said "get with the program, cunthole" that i knew for certain it was a spoof. :D
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Was Forastero the Mod who "left their account signed in and some naughty little scamp made a lot of anti-Semitic posts at turps o'clock?" that was nothing to do with them being tired and emotional, honest guv?
How would that work then? If you (for example) remained signed in, how would I (for example) take control of your account and start posting as you? Is that possible?

Have I misunderstood your post - I don't remember the incident you describe at all but you seem to be saying that somebody was improperly posting as Forastero.

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