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Whatever happened to (insert ARRSE member here)?

Last seen back in April, September 22 was his last post.
Well, that's something. I didn't see anything suggesting he had any issues or problems or potential work conflicts in the two pages of most-recents I looked at that might suggest such. Then again, off the top of my head, we didn't really get that with Supermatelot, either.

Then again, I've noticed that there's been some absences that suddenly end with a "Sorry I've been away - changes in life/new bird/step-kids/no time/new job with social media sensitivity/got bored with it/etc." so a disappearance isn't always bad news. Previously single people start new relationships. Others get a promotion at work or change jobs to one with more demands and responsibility. Some doubtless just plain re-evaluate their lives and realise they've got other priorities and new interests now that take them away from this site, Twitter, Facebook or real-world hobbies they're not so into as they once were compared to their new ones.
Not seen @Toastie around for a while.
I’m still alive.

New Trainer role to get my head around, busy roster, report writing after each flight, 80 new pilots on fleet, Command Upgrades etc so I’m constantly flying as a Trainer / Checker, report writing or sleeping / doing other stuff that needs doing around the house / beer. Arrse isn’t really on my “go do“ list…

Plus a quick break to Jordan and Egypt with Herself where bluntly there was more of interest there than here!

PS, the 737 off at LBA wasn’t me. Wrong fleet. Had a chat with the guy concerned and all speculation etc is way off the mark. The AAIB report will clarify.