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Whatever happened to (insert ARRSE member here)?

He has sussed me and bang to rights about the lying. I was never in the army, my son is not currently or ever was unless being a road sweeper for Blankshire County Council counts for military service, neither myself nor Albertous Junior have medals unless "Blankshire Litter Picker of the Month" is a medal (I was so proud when he won that I actually nursed a pint for the whole evening in the Dogs Böllocks Inn rather than the usual half), the only connection I have to law is my month appearance in the Mags for vagrancy, and all the pics I post in the Tonight I Cooked thread are actually what the Sally Army serve up in the homeless kitchen.

Bravo Bravo is an absolute demon at correct assessment of Arrse posters and the lies we all tell according to him. He is gen and the annual nomination for SPOTY is only jealousy for his inane lie detector abilities.
I don't ever recall mentioning you or replying to any comment of yours?
Another reminder that this thread has had just the one purpose for some time now. Enquiring about the health/whereabouts of other members.

We use it for welfare checks and don't want it clogged up with general chat.
Not seen @Toastie around for a while.


ETA: Let's hope not......
Not seen @Toastie around for a while.
Probably working and too busy to log in/in some part of the world with poor WiFi and mobile provision, or where roaming is horrendously expensive.

He usually resurfaces when his schedule allows, with photos from the cockpit and anecdotes/details of commercial air ops.