Whatever happened to (insert ARRSE member here)?


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There used to be someone who used to post a weekly update on crimes committed in Germany by 'non-Germans' (or 'Angie's Gastarbeiters') to coin a phrase. I miss that.
Am i number 4604 or did i do it wrong?
One arrser long gone to play the harp upstairs is Ticklish Rodent, he introduced me to Chaplins@Dover. His snoring on the early(2008>) arrse tours was impressive
Oh, isn't that sweet.

Baglock has given the above post a 'dumb'.

I'm flattered that it follows me about the respective forums just so it can adorn my posts by hitting the mong buttons.

Just for Baglock: rearrange these words into a well known sentence:
  1. Life
  2. Get
  3. A
I understand that Aldi has them on special offer next week.
I miss Cernunnos, he tended to liven things up a bit.
Then there's Blue Sophos who I think jumped ship to Pprune and also Plunderer who was suffering from ill health and is or was residing in the US.
They do and baglock while a whiney little no account turd, hasn't actually done anything ban worthy yet.
Oh, I'm sure he has. If you look hard enough. Like breathing...

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
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