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Whatever happened to (insert ARRSE member here)?

yes. Your post was fake. The Wokka was gen as @NSP said. @Daz found the piccie on the RAF Twitter feed.

thank heavens you’ve not been drowned in the floods is frozen in the snow. Must be wet and cold in the caravan.

everyone was worried about you
Can you take it to the poo poo thread, please?


What ever happened to that former nude model, chartered mathematician who worked on things such as SRVL modelling for the QEC carriers, and TV presenter @Mathsgirl?

Yes I just made her up, Sorry!


Whatever happened to @Monty417 ?
Used to post frequently in the 'Tonight I burned me tea' thread Last seen Sep 2020.
Dreaded Chinky Flu??
I'm sure He's OK Istr him telling me he'd left instructions for us to be notified if anything happened to the doddering OAP him.
I see @StBob072 hasn’t bothered to post in a while. I remember she said she was studying for an Open University degree in the History of Art a while ago so I’ve been looking into it. Thankfully, I’ve been an OU lecturer for about 16 years now and in the same way that mods here can read everyone’s PMs I’ve been looking into her tutor marked assignments:


Having marked your previous TMA it’s clear that you’re making progress. Here’s a summary of your latest assignment, which I hope you find useful:

Q1: While it’s true that Neolithic paintings predate early Greek studies in terms of aesthetics in the modern sense, your emphasis on the former rather than the latter, and in particular your crayon drawings to illustrate your point of “huge caveman cocks with all spunk coming out of them,” requires at least some academic focus and refinement.

Q2: It’s difficult to see how your claims that Julie, a classmate of some decades ago, being a “right slag” and “make-up whore” has any bearing on renaissance sculpture, even taking into account your Facebook links as supposed references. Also, the number of children she has and by how many fathers is also irreverent.

Q3: A tip here is to note the number of marks available for any question and to offer sufficient detail, explanation and unpacking to work towards those marks. Given the artist in question, and the 2000 words available for this answer, most art historians would consider that Rembrandt and his works is worthy of an evaluation greater than the single word “shite”.

Q4: Banksy is indeed just a wanker. Full marks.

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