Whatever happened to Innocent until proven guilty?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oneshot, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Watching the news coverage about the Ipswitch murders and the two guys they have in for it at the moment, I couldn't help think "what if it isn't them". They have effectivly been tried by the press and if they (either of them) are innocent, then they will still have that label and stigma around them. All because the press named them in the national media.

    Is this right, the long standing persoanl effects will be felt for a long time, whereas the media is a nowhere near as prompt to try and make wrong their sensationalism. Or do we as the general public deserve to know exactly what the police are doing because we can make up our own minds? Or if the police are questioning the suspects for so long a reliable indicator of guilt?

    I'll bet this doesn't get quoted in the press either!!!

    Also, a lot of the reporting I am seeing now seems to be "filler". I have jsut watched ITV use a crime consultant to take us through what he police might be doing to the cordened off homes, surely we can have a good idea without this in depth segment which gives us no information at all!!

    What do the rest of you think

  2. What is worse, do You think that either party will get a fair trial if the police decide to prosecute
  3. In all fairness i heard the interview the first fella they had in gave to the BBC prior to his arrest.

    He's either very clever or as mad as your hat.
  4. If you have 412 officers from other forces knobbing around Ipswich, pressure to produce "a result" must be huge. Hope the arrests are real, not cosmetics.

    Agree some Press coverage has gone way OTT. Could it prejudice a trial? Perhaps.
  5. I havn't seen it, what did he say?
  6. Why? do you think the police still fit people up for murder? Oh dear have you been watching re-runs of Life On Mars again?

    That might be the brilliance of his (the first arrestee) plan. Completely muddy the water with media coverage so's to be able to argue that no fair trial was possible.
  7. He was banging on about how he knoew all 5 and was the boyfriend of one of them. All very creepy "I tried to talk to her" he mentioned about one of them. Think he missed out "she was going blue and making gagging noises at the time"

    It's bound to be on the BBc news website somewhere.
  8. It was definitely not them, I know it for a fact.

    Oops, I’ll get my coat.

  9. While in a shop to day i noticed one of the major tabloids had a picture of the second person and wife splashed across the front page of there paper .

    The thing is no one as been charged , you are innocent till proven guilty and what about the victim's family's how are they feeling .
  10. Was that the one of him with his hands around her neck? (not actualy choking her though)

    If so that's not going to balls up any potential prosecution is it?
  11. I thought Sven meant that the jury might have read the newspaper's widespread coverage on the arrests and come to an opinion from that, therefore a possible unfair trial. Could be wrong of course, but I saw the front page of the Sun today with the face of the second suspect spread right over it and asking if this was the face of the killer. They might as well have the man CV's and next of kin details on it too.
    I hope they have the right man and the first suspect was just a rouse of some plan the police had.
  12. Bugger, thought they had photographic evidence!!
  13. Maybe i got the wrong end of the stick.

    If it's them though any half decent barrister (or parasite as i like to call them) will use the media reporting to get them off.
  14. I do hope the police no longer fit people up, or give the suspects a kicking to get them to 'cough'. I wouldn't want anyone once again coming out of prison because evidence was dodgy for one reason or another
  15. See above, if i got the wrong end of the stick then sorry fella.