Whatever happened to HQ 2 Sig Bde?

Back in the mid-80's before I joined up, I worked for HQ 2 Sig Bde when it was located in a group of spider huts across the by-pass from Depot Para. I worked with a cantankerous old (he was prob mid-30s but that was positively ancient to me) Jock corporal called Ginge and we ran what would laughingly be called the IT department now. The Ch Clk was a big Taff bloke who had a GSD that hated anyone with a maroon lid, and I became good friends with the WRAC clerk (not that friendly before the insinuation starts!) who was from Swansea. In early 87 the unit was moved to Corsham, I was asked to move with them but declined as my joining up date was looming. I last heard from the WRAC lass in January 89, she'd left the Army and was living with her bf in Bath.

I really enjoyed working with the unit and the people there greatly influenced my decision to join up. Just taking a jog down memory lane and wondering what became of the people/place.
Didn't The HQ end up in York with 2 Sig Regt?

I don't think it's there now, but almost certain it was there late 80's/early 90's.

HQ 2 Sig Bde was where the ATN was dreamt up, one of the civvies there got the MBE for the large part he played in implementing it. Part of my job was monitoring it's usage (i.e. checking that squaddies weren't phoning the local bookies on a regular basis). :)
2 Sig Bde still reside in Corsham - albeit not for much longer as they will disband next year

Just to be clear TB - it is HQ 2 Sig Bde that is due to disband next year. The Bde's units will be resubordinated to other Comds, probably between 1 and 11 Sig Bdes but I don't think the exact decisions have been made yet.

For GM65, The HQ's role has changed a bit since your day, it's still mainly focussed on UK based work with most of the TA Sig Regts contributing to the military response to UK resilience - They'll be busy with the Olympics next year I'm sure. Other units within the Bde (Regular and TA) are more focussed on overseas Ops and of course all the TA Sig Regts also generate reserve soldiers and officers for the overseas bit as well. All in all, the HQ is still alive and well and as busy as anyone else in our under resourced and over committed Army today.

Some of the wonderful civilian staff have been there a while but I'm not sure that any of them will have been part of the move back in '87 that you mention.

Thanks MH, I didn't expect any of the civvies to still be there, at the time I was the youngest civvy in the place by at least 20 years! Did wonder if any of the serving personnel might have been looking in to the site though. Ginge was a cranky bugger, to put it mildly, but we did have the occasional laugh, particularly when we ganged up against the other civvy in the office as to what radio station we listened to (she won)!

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