Whatd your favourit german beer

The beer i liked the most when i was over there was DAB followed closely by
Dortmunder kronen.
If im lucky my mate will be winging his way over with some
in the very near future.


Nearly all the dark beers only been over there two days and too many to sample, didn't taste a bad one
Yellow handbags for me, pils or export.


Book Reviewer
Either Dortmunder Kronen or Dortmunder Ritter Pils for me.
DAB for me - I remember about half of the brewery tour ...
The DAB brewery is still here, as is the Hövels one. All the others are gone, including the Kronen and Union ones!
Warsteiner - end of.


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Herrenhauser (Hanover, fally area). Veltins (Bremen )
warsteiner , and iserlohner pils , must be getting older as now drink real ales.
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