Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. So, there I was sitting in the Doctor's office waiting my turn.. beside me was an extremely attractive young blonde. At one point she reached up and ran her fingers through her long tresses and shook her head in that cliched slow motion shampoo/conditioner commercial manner, her hair floating about her quite entrancingly. In doing so, some errant strands escaped her coif and settled on her sleeve and the chair.

    I looked at her and began to pick up the ones that were clinging to the chair arm, then asked " May I?" and gathered up a couple clinging to her coat.

    She looked taken aback for some reason so I assured her that I was not attempting to collect DNA to clone her, for that I would have asked for a blood sample or a cheek swab, but she was unconvinced and moved to another seat some distance away after having a quiet word with the receptionist.

    I'm not sure what the outcome was as the doctor came out and suggested that I reschedule my appointment and also offered to provide a referral to a ' specialist ' in things of the 'mind' or some such...

    Was I misreading the signals or was she fancying me?
  2. so why were you collecting them? :?

    Cleaning OCD or are you trying to collect hairs to weave a nice jumper for christmas? 8O

    Oddball :D
  3. Face it Mr Glitter, some folk just don't like you. :D
  4. I think you were misreading. Golden Labradors are generally quite open about their affections.
  5. You're just a smooth operator..... :roll:
  6. Why?
  7. Seconded. Freak.
  8. This is a thread worthy of Scrofula but it made sense. Sort of.
  9. Had you explained that you always take a memento from your victims,I'm sure she would have understood.
  10. OK, well done Rocketeer, you lured Whizzyfcukup to the thread, quick get the villagers with the pitchforks and the burning torches, burn the witch, burn, burn, burn.

    Oh, hello Doctor.
  11. Someone called? The oddest one like this I have ever witnessed was back in 78 Margaret Thatcher visited our town and as I was waiting to get her autograph ( sad tw@t I know, but I was only 15 - 5 years later I would have happily strangled the cow) I saw some suited ponce from her entourage reach out a limpwristed hand and remove a single hair from her shoulder. Attention to detail or what?
  12. I thought that it was an admirable hobby; a trifle strange but it did put me in mind of this incident.
    You should pay more attention to the actions of other Arrsers and learn from them because this is what you should have been collecting :lol:

  13. Bonzo, if true, that is excellent. I remember Selina. She was definitely a member of The Thinking Man's Totty Brigade of the 80s.
  14. Oh yes indeedy.

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  15. Sorry Rocketeer, as much as I admire your prose that kind of thing is just feckin weird !!!!