Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stained_Eligius, Feb 12, 2002.

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  1. ...a couple of people said that to me when I mentioned that I was going to sell my medals on EBay when I leave...... They mean shit, I replied... I'd rather have a few decent photos to remind me of stuff...My NI GSM is worth just as much as one given to an infantryman who actually risked something...  I worked in an aircraft hangar in Aldergrove for five months and I don't remember being worried once....  So sell 'em quick before someone decides to overhaul the system....
  2. I thought it was illegal to sell ones own medals.
  3. Well.... would you mind then.... You can have my Jubilee Medal for your trouble :)
  4. ;D
    To save the MoD cash they are going to have an Accumulated Non Service medal. If you can rack up 300 days without being deployed or on exercise you get a medal. Bet they don`t dish many of those buggers out..
  5. probably only worth about 45p anyway  :)
  6. Worth only 45 pence, yes. But MOD procurment will purchase them from some contractor for about £78 each.
  7. AnSM, Cav will get them as standard issue won't they? ;D
  8. Well my mum likes them. I recommend e-bay for getting them, a great range of colours, different shapes stars, crosses and things. With some unusual bar locations. Much better than the current issue ones.
  9. I think you will find it is against QR's to sell your medals.   Once discharged, you are no longer subject to QR's and then can sell if you wish.   Generally, campaign medals are worth about £12-15 as a single.   The worth starts to rise in "interesting" medal groups.   A set of the three (present) balkan medals plus AN other would generate about £80-100.   You would need for at least one medal to have your number rank name on for authenticity.   The big bucks start when gallantry awards are included, that is very much a matter for market forces and the punters at the auction on the day.  
  10. I don't think theres any thing wrong with selling your medals there yours and if you want the money.
  11. I thought that would get you going ; )
  12. Whoever is telling you those prices is trying to rip you off.

    UN or NATO alone, perhaps £10, named UK medals much more
  13. Maybe the market's changed in the 8 years since he posted that comment?

  14. ah! noted..................... obviously likes trawling old smelly things