What YouTube video have you just watched?

I just tried to watch this one:

It's a forty minute piss-take masquerading as a review of "Bright", a film which some members of this parish on having watched actually quite like, and have said so in comments on other threads. I got ten minutes in before I decided I'd rather not continue watching because I'd much rather see "Bright". Even if it's a Netflix original.
On a surprise morning off in crap weather, this was a welcome find. Not new to the historians on here: Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke was "probably more responsible than anybody else for the BEF getting back successfuly after Dunkirk" according to General Sir Brian Horrocks (commander of XXX Corps at Arnhem), who also said Lord Alanbrooke's greatest claim to fame was that between 1941-1945, he was Sir Winston Churchill's right hand man. The Alanbrooke War Diaries 1939-1945: Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, on Amazon.


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