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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MartynOdonnell, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. What do you as soldiers want while on tour to places like afagn iraq etc, any ideas inventions etc welcome we wanna hear it all
  2. And who might you be? Gene in a bottle?

    Edited to ask who is we???????

    Tonies cronies? I think not!!
  3. How about a daily bawhum from your Girlfriend.
  4. its just a simple question, if the idea is something do-able i can make it happen with my company and then money can come your way for the idea
  5. You're from Ghana and this is a scam, isn't it?
  6. one thing we are developing for soldiers is the case cupboard. like a suite case that turns in to a small cupboard. could be effective, might not be. ideas like this are welcome
  7. this isn't a scam, just a chat room for ideas
  8. maybe you should tell people exactly what it is you do.....to avoid confusion and looking a tw@t.

    Just a thought like.
  9. basically i own a company that develops new ieas and like i said earlier we are developing a case cupboard and any other ideas are welcome in this chat room. it could be new storage better transportation ideas anything. an my company will try and do its best to find solutions to the problems
  10. Could we offer you a dictionary, a punctuation guide and/or a book on grammar in exchange?

  11. You're not givng him a book on my grandma!
  12. Damn right I'm not! I'm keeping it hidden behind me case cupboard. For those, errrr..private reminiscences.