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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by edd1989, May 22, 2006.

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  1. I am currently doing in my first year of my A levels and want to join the army as a sqauddie when I am 18. I am using the time (roughly 2 years) to get fit. I am going to the gym 4 times a week and am spending about an hour and a half there each visit.
    I decided to see how I would do in my BFT today and I managed to pull out the 1.5 miles in 8 minutes and 11 seconds. Had I been doing it on real land rather than a treadmill I reckon I could have gone a little bit faster.
    I want to get it down to at least 7 minutes and 30 seconds< when I join. Any advice
    Also about a week ago I did 4.4 miles in 30 minutes.
    What I am basically asking would that be seen as good fitness in the army? I still intend on improving as much as I can so I find phase 1 as easy as possible.
    I am thinking about the para's being my choice of regiment. Either that or the green jackets, but they've fcuked that into the Rifles or something. Something as a ground pounder anyway.
    Any thoughts about my fitness and possible regiments?
  2. With times like that you should have no problems when you try out for real.

    Dont forget though that a treadmill can't account for wind/air resistance when running, so you might actually have longer times when you are outside running.

    That's really good work, keep it up. Just make sure that you don't do yourself an injury.
  3. I reckon you'd be going a bit slower, but good fitness all the same.

    There's more to being Inf than 'fit', you need to start training outdoors on some decent terrain as well.

    You've got time, keep up what you're doing now. They are not looking for the finished product at the start of training, just someone who looks like they will finish and put in a good service afterwards.
  4. Sounds like you are doing well mate. I'll second the running slower outside notion, it's a bit easier to run when the ground moves for you! If I were you I'd get out of the gym and run around your local area. It'll get you used to running on roads and off and is probably more interesting (apart from not being able to perve on the bird in their gym kit). All you need to train for the army is the MK1 body. Running, sit ups, press ups are the key. Other exercises like squat runs, pull ups etc are good too. Get outside and run, drop down occasionally and bang out a few press ups (a good technique if you are running with someone slower, to allow them to catch up) or sit ups.

    The part you'll find the hardest will be any squadded marching/tabbing. It is virtually impossible for a civvy to train for this by themselves. The combination of boots, bergen and an uncomfortable pace will knacker you until you're used to it. Best thing to do is get out to the countryside and go hill walking. Take a daysack to start with and then build up to carrying about 30lbs. Don't bother with any more weight, you'll just do yourself damage. This will have the added benefit of making you more familiar with map and compass.

    Good luck!

    PS Thought about uni and officer entry? Just thought I'd ask, it's worth considering.
  5. Yeah, she was on the rowing machine and I was on the bike behind her. The view of her arse was good motivation.

    In my area there are loads of hills that I intend on tackling this summer with a heavy daysack. It is a nice bit of countryside.

    Yeah, I’ve thought about it. My parents are pushing me for it. I just don't know whether that’s for me. Or even if I would be accepted. I know you will never know unless you try, however I just don't know whether it’s for me. As for uni I have had enough of education. And I don't know what degree to do.
    I can always apply for a commission once I have reached lance corporal anyway.
    How many normal soldiers tend to have A-levels?
    You are probably right about my speed on a treadmill. I will try to do it on real land when i have time.
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    blimey, when I did my BFTs there must have been huge gales blowing at me :lol:
  7. I was reading about treadmills the other day, some are worse for your knees than road running, an incline at level one is apparently more of a comparison to running out-doors although deffinatly not a substitute. If you can run 8.11 on the road that is already a good time, 7.30 would be pretty shite hot, Ive not known many who can run that, remember ull be doing 2mins of press ups and 2mins of sit ups befor hand which my effect the time abit. Keep it up matey ull have no problems.
  8. Would having a very high level of fitness really make you that more desirable? As said:

    Would you have any advantages apart from having an easier time at phase 1 and no real restraints on the regiments you choose because your fitness standard is high?

  9. Wont really have any advantages, other than those you have stated. Once out of training and at your regt it will help you get on, the army loves a good runner
  10. Tackle the hills without a heavy daysack mate. Hills are good for you on their own and you've got your entire military career ahead of you to knacker your knees in!

    As for rupert training, if you are thinking about doing it eventually you might as well do a degree first. This is just a bit of life advice so take it or leave it. Uni isn't for everyone, but there are sh!teloads of courses to do and you might find one you are interested in. The army likes graduates and may even pay you a bit to go to uni. While you're at uni you could join 4 Para as a squaddie and get a bit of experience that way. I'm suggesting doing a degree because you never know what may happen and it's always good to have an extra string to your bow.

    I'll tell you a story about a mate of mine a few years ago. He was doing his fist year of A levels and was hell-bent on joining the marines as bloke. He went for his PRMC interview and was told it was the best they'd had in ages and he ought to go for officer entry. He was having none of this because he thought he ought to work his way up from the ranks. He became increasingly p!ssed off with his education and ended up being booted out of school with just AS levels. He then suffered an injury on his PRMC and never went for recruit training. Instead he ended up as a private in an infantry regiment. (wont say which one, people might know him!) He's happy enough, but it's nowhere near what he had planned or could have achieved.
  11. Good advice all round. Your're doing well but you dont need to hammer yourself now. I trained hard for basic training and then found that the fitness level at the ATR was much less than I expected. The sad fact is that most of the people joining up now are not fit and havent done the prep that you have. As a result of this the army has tailored the PT to start from scratch. Of course the fitter you are though the easier you will find it when it does step up and you are carrying kit, doing sect attacks etc. So by all means train but dont kill yourself, tick over and then step it up when you begin your application process.

    As for the officer/uni thing that has crept into your thread... Think about it. I turned down the chance to go to uni because I just wanted to get into the army. I've also had a great time but am having to think about doing an open uni degree whilst working and keeping a family going. Hard work. There are plenty of guys joining up now who have got their degrees and are joining the ranks as toms. You dont have to be an officer but you still have the degree in your back pocket. Just think about it mate.

    Good luck.

  12. hi edd,
    i am the same as you, i am just taking my AS level exams whilst keeping one eye on a career in the armed forces. whilst you have obviously have done alot of cardiovascular work i do lots of press ups and weightlifting etc. i can do 45ish pressups inside a minute but am useless at runs.

    ne ways a good friend of mine joined the infantry at the end of GCSE's (last year) and so i have kept in contact with him throughout his phase 1 & 2 (which he is now doing) at catterick. to be honest the level of fitness he is at doesnt really impress me.
    i had a pre-conceived idea that the army would train you up to the bollocks (physically especially) but to be honest i think i was being a bit modest to the level fitness i have, and now feel that the infantry wouldnt improve me as much as i aspire to.

    anyway what im trying to say is that with the commitment you claim to have, consider the royal marines.
    Naked rollmat fighting may not be your cup of tea, as it isnt mine, but, the physical challenge is greater and that may be more satisfying in the long run.

  13. Being fit is only 1 of many attributes looked for. I also wouldn't be so cocky about your physical prowess either... From the scores you posted in your other thread I can see that at your running speed you wouldn't even pass the PRMC 3 mile run, let alone last 7 months and complete the commando course at the end. Also, before pass judgement on military fitness, you might want to actually have some experience in it and realise that during the CMSR recruits have to be taught military skills not just run around all day.

    That said though... 11.5mins, that's pretty pathetic, innit?
  14. Ok fair enough, my run time is shit, i do not run regularly. the score i stated is based on a run i did a while back and admittedly is pathetic.
    You claim to be training for PRMC, and while your run time is quite impressive, keep training mate, because you need to be doing the standard 80 pressups and sit-ups inside 2 minutes as a minimum. but i bet you probably knew that.

    that said though... 55 press-ups, that's pretty pathetic, innit?
  15. 55 press-ups, well it meets the exceeds the minimum required. Just make sure to do them at least once a day, maybe twice if you think you can. And don't aim for a number, just do as many as you can. Keep doing them, that's the key, and you should definetly be able to get above 55.