what you need to be a squaddie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Greengrass, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. Had a very boring moral understanding ITD today delivered buy a padre happily three sheets to the wind. Between his slurred swearing and falling over he maintained that the most necessary virtues for today’s soldier are Honesty loyalty and um wassit and some other rubbish which I don’t recall but it got the lads thinking what are the most important attribute for a squddie is it the ability to skive no matter how much work there is on or the rare gift of being able to lie with confidence and a straight face even when the copper has shown you the CCTV footage your thoughts please.
  2. When the sh1t hits the fan....stand by your mates and face the enemy.
  3. A sense of humour and a complete lack of a "nine to five" attitude. :D
  4. the undening cofidence that this kit will fit in bergan/landie etc
  5. perhapse it is the ability to make the 10 hours you push out sighning 1033s in a expence store like a mix of rambo and full metal jacket
  6. Hang on a sec. That's MY job. Find your own :lol:
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    The Septics can get away with this as their previous president gave them a prescedence. Do we really want an army that copies what Tony Bliar does ?

  8. Thankfully, literacy isn't anywhere up there in the top ten attributes.
  9. litracy good grief no whats the point if you write it down and some one can understand it, it may be used against you vaguness and unpredictability are the watchwords
  10. The ability to crack on get the job done despite having the worng kit and equipment for the job
  11. and nick shiny stuff.
  12. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Standing in front of the OC, Bang to Rights, these are exactly the qualities required should you want to proudly wear the LSGM. :lol:
  13. The fundamental skill that all squaddies should be in posession of, is the ability to laugh at absolutely anything. No task should be daunting enough to put off a bit of p*sstaking.

    On countless occasions, i've been stood there, ready to do something completely bone, or ridiculously ballbagging. Sure enough, someone will pipe up and make a brilliant comment, perfectly summing up the predicament and making us all fall about.

    I remember standing on a f*ckabout parade at Wath Gill in a blizzard. We'd fcuked up on the ranges so they just left us out there whilst drifts were building up at our feet. I'd never been that miserable before. The Geordie bloke stood on my left, had his ear full of compacted flakes, which had formed a rudimentary hearing aid. Whilst I was looking at it, he turned to me, with a big snot string hanging from his nose, and said.

    "How man, Convoy, this is nee fcukin' laffin matta."

    He said it with such a deadpan expression, that me and the six blokes within earshot, cracked up.

    That is the number one skill and the thing all soldiers will remember to the end of their days. It just says "You can do what the fcuk you like to me. You can mess me about all day and all night, but i'll still laugh about it."