What you lookin' at?



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It appears that you are being accused of 'looking at Palestinians in a funny way':

British Troops Train In Israel To Use Drones As Critics Claim Equipment Is 'Tested On Palestinians' | UK News | Sky News

Watchkeeper has apparently been "tested on Palestinians!" It seems looking at people is now cause for outrage. Perhaps the payload is able to give 'evils' while generally 'dissin' de bredrin'. Sounds like a real leap forward in technology to me.
Not Watchkeeper per say but the Thales Hermes 450 which 32 Rgt RA have been using since 2007 using
I am aware of that, which is why I said 'apparently'. The article also refers to something called 'Watchtower' but when did the facts get in the way of journalism?

I started the thread as only Sky seems to be carrying the story, so it might not have had much circulation. Clearly someone has a problem with MOD using the system SMEs to provide training. It's not as though Brits would be allowed to use the system kinetically over there, is it?
It's pure sensationalism. Training received from the SMEs on a system SIMILAR to one the Israelis are being called to account (but only by Amnesty) for for war crimes against others - namely by using it to target guns.

The article does state that we aren't using it to target anybody over Israel.

I assume Watchtower are the Israeli defence firm. Watchkeeper is the product. OR just as likely, it's a typo by the incredibly clued up journo, who is essentially reporting nothing...