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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 1stgulfmac, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. 12:40 Actually got a quiet moment, eating a cheese and chutney sarnie, wot you got?
  2. LOLZ!!111!

    What a wonderfully daft thread.

    Err...toast and tomato soup, actually.
  3. A Barclays Bank
  4. My secretary.
  5. Oriental Style Edamame Soya Bean with chilli and Coriander Dressing.


    Wife's got the pies!!!!!!!
  6. Oriental Style Edamame Soya Bean with chilli and Coriander Dressing.


    Wife's got my pie!!!!!!!
  7. mmrrmmdh ... Pussy
  8. Just come in from a nap in the car park (in my car, not on the pavement - it was a late one last night) to cup of spicy tomato and vegetable soup and white baguette. mmmm. Might have some coffee and biscuits in a mo'.
  9. Cheese and coleslaw on a granary bap. Accompanied by a packet of ready salted crisps and a diet soda (got to watch those calories ;o) )
  10. Ah, sneaky kip in the car, sport of kings, almost as good as rogering the receptionist in the marketing suite. And no, "marketing suite" isnt a euphemism.
  11. Ham Salad on white, no Lettuce, Peppers or Cucumber, Mushroom Soup, mmmmmm
  12. Cheese and Onion crisp sandwiches.

    One day you'll understand...
  13. A nana, Suasage 'n' Beans on toast, Tescos cheese and onion crisps, followed by a swift ham-shank and a spot of looking busy/work.
  14. I'm enjoying a half litre tumbler of mixed sperm with a kidney punch starter.

    Damn those lunch time bukkake sessions.
  15. Ham with cheese and onion crisps on granary bread, with a drifter for afters - new healthier me

    would have been white bread, with nowt farted about with, before this latest health kick

    'Dont' be a puff! eat white bread!' :)