What you don't miss now that you're out.

having done 24 years man and boy in the RCT/RLC, and a mere 2 years in CivDet I have noticed that on most of the Forums where ex-service personnel (Had to be PC) only mention the things that they miss.

You know, like the comradeship, favourite locations (Cyprus, HK etc.) etc.

How about we list the things that we hated and really do not miss at all now that we aren't wearing the 'Green Tuxedo' and dancing where we are told?
Duties, Outside Areas and the sh*tty jobs that always came up.

Top of my list has to be Duty NCO in BATSUB, and 25 Regt RCT (24 Regt RLC). All the training and years of experience wasted answering a bloody
switchboard and tranferring calls. Bad enough on a weekday night, but totally endless on a weekend! :x


promotions courses - all the needless bullshit that went with them.

block inspections (of course)

Oc's parades - especially when they were in worse shape than the Tom's

guard commander day on day off for 6 months, cos' the RSM didn't have a sense of humour!
I don't miss.....

Green Kit

Low wages for hours worked (if the army had to pay minimum wage for the hours people actually work then everyone would be extreamly rich)

Awful singlies accomodation (apart from Germany)

Having to pay for all of your own costs when going on leave from Germany.

Officers\NCO's in command at a rank they should have never attained.

Excersises which never, ever, reflected reality.

Having to paint everything. Always.

Being on duty NCO for 24 hours and having to do nothing, just like all of the other duty NCO's. Surely that's what the guardrooms for.

Poor administration at all levels.

....and this is just the start.

Christmas or New Year Guard

Duty NCO, why? As above, there's a guard room with an NCO in it.

Barracks in the middle of nowhere

Mess meetings at 8pm that last 15 minutes. Er, why not do this at lunch time instead of wasting a night?

And whilst working in the MT, painting anything that has wheels every 6 months for an inspection.

And whilst working on line crew, cleaning the bubbles on a Gazelle or Lynx (your the fcuking pilot, clean your own bubble).
Cookhouse hotplates that are fully staffed and laid out but won't serve you because there's still 3 mins to go before the official meal time.
Master Chefs would make good traffic wardens.
Being ill, having a sick chit but still having to work. You then spend 3 weeks being ill, in work spreading it around when 2 days in bed would have solved it.
Army GP's are crap.
How about those weekly regimental parades at some silly time like 08:00, but having to parade in squadrons 30 mins before that and then as troops 15 mins before that? Don't forget, if you're not on parade 5 minutes before, you're late! Why not just not bother to go home??

And after getting all your best working kit up to scratch, having the parade, getting inspected and going to work on the park..... getting covered in shit with the first job!

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