What you doing tonight ? 31/12/18

Arrse seems dull tonight so lets have some entertaining ideas for new years eve , the best I can come up with is wander down the pub , you?


Watching the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo highlights just now, Only An Excuse later, and tanning some of my bottle of Jack Daniel's a bit later still while ogling Jackie Bird.
Off to the Daugava river, watch some REALLY shit but expensive fireworks, come back home, have a cup of tea, go to sleep and wake up and shag the missus. Have I missed something?
Same as you OP - down the pub. It's a 90 second walk. Quite a few of the local are alright. Karaoke and 'Mr & Mrs' should see a few punch ups for giggles.

Whatever you do, have a good 2019.
Working tomorrow. So for me the bar shuts about 2100. Just watched 633 Squadron.


Necking a bottle of 15% Monastrell/Shiraz from Spain then tottering off to bed.
Papping clubs so a working holiday, ironically for holiday money for next year
Going to a Chinese restaurant for a sit down, then off to a house party filled with people I do not know nor wish to know. Sit there and drink for a few hours until someone informs me I am a narrow minded dinosaur and I will tell them to go fück themselves and make comments on how their mum is a goer, then home to bed....
Necking 10 year old Benromach malt while Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 but off to the pub soon with my brothers .. this game is bringing out the worst in me. Earlier today I accepted a bounty on a wanted man. Then after shooting him I rocked up at his funeral and threw a petrol bomb in the grave thus turning the burial into a cremation to the shock of his family and friends. Yesterday I hogtied the gobby suffragete from the city, then after sticking her on my horse, left her for the alligators in the swamp. My daughter walked in as I sat cackling as the gator tore her to shreds.

I'll be in the pub later dunkenly shouting for Lenny.
You failed as you didnt take advantage of the hog-tied suffragette .
Going to the siblings house to eat wings, drink a ton of whisky and bourbon then make sweet sweet drunken love my wife’s thigh.
We shall watch the new year in , with a glass of gin and decent tonic in darkness in case there are any visitors on their way to the house, thinking we are out, they will therefore fuck off and not bother us

and then we'll go to bed , and kiss goodbye to this crappy festive season..for yet another year thank god
Probably be in bed by 11, it's just another day - thankfully not working as it gets sort of busy later - drunks in town fighting each other then drunks at home fighting each other.
Having the standard quiet night at Semper Fi Farm with the Chief of Staff and our 4 rescue dogs.

Best wishes to all for the new year.


Back to the boat tomorrow so enforced early night here.
I was going to run the Tour de Llyn Llydaw tomorrow (a 5 mile race starting and finishing at the youth hostel at Pen y Pass), but have knacked my groin. I hadn’t intended drinking because of the race tomorrow, but given I cannot now run the race am sat at home necking a few beers. Will see the New Year in with Mrs S and go to bed.

Meanwhile the two Schweik juniors (19 and 17) are out at parties.
Round at my Mum's. Probably just watch some naff telly and chat to family. Sometimes the simple things are the best :)

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