What You Do At Selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Al_PacinO, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering what to expect in my selection day is it just the 1.5 mile run a few press ups, sit ups and chin ups and the ice breaker ? If not could someone tell me what else you need to do.
  2. If i'm right you do 1.5 mile run, Push up, Sit up, Pull ups and have a medical and i think you have your last interview at selection to.
  3. Well I will find out soon anyway just trying to find out as much info as I can before I go like what clothes and whatever else I should take ect ect..
  4. I just passed my selection @ Glencorse ADSC on Tuesday. I travelled through from Glasgow, arrived at Edinburgh Waverly for 08.05am and was picked up @ 09.40 am. Do travel in a track suit as advised as you will go straight to your medical after dropping your bags off in a random room. Like i say, there were only 8 of us on the 9.40am bus, and we thought wtf? where is everyone. It soon filled up with the majority of the lads having to travel up from all over England.

    The 1st thing you will do is the medical, eye test, hearing test, a nurse will check your body fat(BMI) and then you will go to see a doc for a 10min(roughly) check up. He/She will get you to strip down to your boxers, will get you to walk about on your heels/insteps/toes/outsteps - Will check your joints(arms/knees/elbows) will check your eyes/teeth/ears. The doc will askyou to do 5 press up's also. There really is nadda to worry about.

    In the afternoon we did the strength tests - I did 0 heaves. Do not worry about douing 0 Pull up's - If you do crap on one strength test, you had best do well on all others. I did excellent on all other tests..

    I could go on and on tbh. Basically, do not slouch, do not answer back, do everything that is asked of you. And whatever you do, when you meet the Sgt, do not act like a fecking tit, he hates that.
  5. What no chicken strangling these days? My how things have changed. Do you even have to go to Wales anymore?
  6. Hey i did my selection on the 29th ov this month!! you have to do your 1.5 mile, heaves, team tasks, back extension, weights, You only do press ups if you lose at a team tasks or get gobby!! ha erm i think thats about it tho...x i also have to complete a medical which is quite funny nothing to be nervous about you have to do urine test there, push ups, chicken walkin ha ha and also other things but i wont mention lol xxx
  7. sheepy pretty much covered most of it. i used to be one of the instructors at glencourse, so pretty much thats it. Like sheepy said, don't worry about not doing any heaves, just do the best u can on the strength tests. during the team (command) tasks u'll score more points if ur heard giving encouragement rather than just random gobbing off. The grenade lesson and test is pretty simple too and not too much notice is taken if u do a shite score. Just make sure u pass the run!! For the final interview make sure u make an effort with ur dress, nothing chav!!! Suit that fits helps rather than one ur 20 stone grandad lent u!! Good luck mate!!
  8. I went to Glencorse lol quite good GOOD LUCK ha
  9. Are you a bird, cause when i did my medical it was drop an cough aswell.
  10. Hey sheepdyons what number were you because i passed on Tuesday and i was 16.
  11. I was 51 mate.

    And no i'm not a bird, I just didn't mention the drop and cough, gotta leave them some surprises :D
  12. You mean they don't make you.. drop, bend over, and the doc coughs!! anymore.
  13. Well we better not mention when we had to stand against the door feet apart, doc saying "brace yourself" with a lubed up rubber glove then. :twisted:

    You remember peoples numbers??? I was just called Weeman by the Staffs, i was the smallest fecker there!
  14. LOL, how tall are you mate?
  15. I think you may be thinking on ever so slightly diffferent lines. Stirling effort!