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Discussion in 'RAC' started by ben1994, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. hi

    i am hoping to join the RAC and hoping to get into the KRH a big reason why i want to join the RAC is because i want to do a front line role on a variety of vehicles like CR2 and mastiff and on foot the variety is what i really would like. i want to operate the big vehicles but i also wanna do the normal soldering role as well

    what i would like to ask is for anyone in the RAC to post the roles they did throughout their career like cr2, then mastiff then dismounted and so on to see if you guys got the variety i am hoping to get or if you have been in the same role the entire time in the RAC.

    any response will be very appreciated and thank you for your time.
  2. When you find out can you tell the rest of us.
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  3. RAC of the future will be 3 or 4 Regts squabbling over whose turn it is to drive the last British Tank that Bovvingdon have allowed the MoD to borrow
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  4. I think that's a bit harsh. The RAC will be around for a while yet. Who else is the Infantry going to point their latest man portable tank killing kit at ? .... And..... How's the wokka wokka chop chop fellas going to justify their really expensive deathstar helicopters without tanks to kill?

    The Military needs the RAC to help justify itself.
  5. Simples...........
  6. I assume that is tongue in cheek.

    In reality: the RAC will consist of 9 regiments. Three of these (including KRH) will be armoured, operating Challenger 2. Three will be armoured cavalry, who will operate on foot and CVR(T) until the new FRES SV fleet appears, when this will replace CVR(T). The final three regiments will be light cavalry and will operate on foot and on light wheeled vehicles such as Land Rover WMIK, JACKAL and COYOTE.

    Despite the proliferation of ATGM and attack helicopter technology, the role of and requirement for the tank will remain for many years to come. This is for a number of reasons that have been covered in depth elsewhere on ARRSE. Likewise those who believe that after the withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, we will never deploy on military operations again are likely to be sorely disappointed.

    As to your role in the KRH... In theory, KRH will become a solely armoured regiment in the reaction force, based on Salibury Plain, meaning that the only things they do are train for and fight major combat operations, on their tanks. In reality, they will train on tanks for armoured combat and (if that is required) will fight on their tanks; however they will also inevitably be used in the less conventional alternate roles, on foot or in different vehicles, such as MASTIFF, etc. as they (and the other RAC regiments) have been in Northern Ireland, the Former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
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  7. The problem with any answer is that things have changed. The RAC today is totally different to the RAC many of us knew during the cold war years.

    For instance, there used to be a thing called the arms plot, this meant that units moved to new locations every few years, and regiments would change roles from light to heavy armour or visa versa. This no longer happens, ( once the reduction to 9 regiments is completed units will stick to their roles and locations.)

    With the withdrawal from afghanistan, it is likely ( this is my personal view) that the army will have a window of opportunity to take the chance to catch it's breath and sort itself out without having to go on operations.

    If this is the case, I would expect the CR2 regiments to be allowed to concentrate on their core skills and not be diverted by other requirements, thus I would suggest that the 3 Armoured Regiments on MBT are likely have the least "variety" of jobs and roles. Big heavy vehicles and "normal soldiering" "whatever that is" don't go together easily. I suggest go light cavalry or maybe infantry who have multiple battalions on different roles including operating Warrior.
  8. To get back to your original query I initially trained on CVR(T) as 1 RTR was a recce regiment in those days (yes I am old!). Posted to Cyprus where I drove Ferret and Saladin (on the rare days it worked) then converted to Chieftain and transferred! Strangely the then CO came out to Cyprus promising us that we would be the first regiment to convert to Challenger 1- guess which was the last Regt in the Army to convert!
  9. I seem to recall that the Royal Hussars P.W.O. (based in Fally) were the 1st regiment to get Chally 1.

    I was a recy mech full screw there, and the lads were quite proud of that.

    Me and my (well it was on my flick) Chieftain ARRV at the time.

    Chieftain ARRV Fallingbostel.jpg
  10. RAC has changed out of all recognition since my time,60/66.I did a short tour in Aden when we had armoured cars,back to Blighty,retrained as MBT Regiment,across to Hohne and basically sat around waiting for something to happen,with the odd exercise thrown in to keep us awake. I've spent a day with KRH as they are our parent Regiment,(ex.11H),they seem a fine Regiment and are certainly kept much busier then we were.Good Luck.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Went to the Recruit Selection Centre at Sutton Coldfield with heart set on being a tank commander one day. Long(ish) story, wasted 88 days of my life in the RMP before telling them where they might stick their truncheons (the 88 days were not wasted: if I ever actually get an Army pension, those days will count). Because RMP would not let me transfer, I took Discharge As A Statutory Right, paid one day's pay (£15) and walked.

    Walked straight back into the ACIO and told them I wanted to be a tank commander and don't screw me about this time. Trained as a Scorpion gunner / operator (my regiment had just Arms Plotted away from MBT) and posted to my regiment ... as a section rifleman in Omagh. Drove Land Rover and Ferret.

    Posted to Tidworth in 1976, passed D&M to become a trained Scorpion crewman and Troop Leader's gunner / operator. Posted to UNFICYP as a Ferret driver.

    Returned to Tidworth to be Squadron Leader's Land Rover driver.

    Post to West Germany and Surveillance Troop. Never got a role, since we had no vehicles and a week later I was posted to Command Troop as a Ferret driver.

    Bovvy to become one of the last course Larkspur-trained control Signallers.

    Back to Paderborn, Control Signaller in a Saracen ACV (apart from three months' regimental conversion to CVR(T), finally I was in a role I was trained for.) Upgraded Saracen to Sultan and Larkspur to Clansman.

    Assigned to be commander of a rebroadcast Ferret. Ran one rebroadcast, an umpire net on Javelin / Spearpoint / Crusader 80, otherwise acted as duty operator, CO's map reader and general fetch and carry.

    Returned to a sabre squadron in late 1980 ... as Troop Leader's gunner / operator. Wondered what I'd achieved since 1976.

    Posted to FHQ in 1982 as control signaller. Felt I was disappearing up my own arse in ever decreasing circles and decided to get a proper job (via seven years of resettlemant in the RAPC before handing back the Queen's shilling after 14 years). Still doing a real job but waiting for a lottery win so that I can retire.