What Would You Throw At The PMs Face

It seems in Italy the choice of weapon to sling at the PM's Mug is a Souvenir Cathedral..

So what would you throw at Broons?

I think a fire extinguisher would work (and the bonus would be he would have the word chubb imprinted on his face in reverse - so when he looked in the mirror he would see not one but two people loved by Arrse)
Old but still good


First thing that came to hand, and hope it's something heavy.
If that happened to be the Señora then that's two birds with one stone!
I like the architectural approach. So perhaps a model of part of one of our own cathedrals. Maybe a building stone.

In a scale of 1 to 1.
a pint of my manfat, applied ala Spiderman shooting an especially sticky web
A sharp shity stick into his eye.
beufighter said:
muzungu_marlow said:
His dead baby.
:( NO! not funny.

Hope you are never in that situation. :cry:

However i do defend your right to say so!!
quick i smell the exhaust of the outrage bus run along now
A large surface vessel formerly owned by the Royal Navy.

Rule Britannia!!!

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