what would you spend a fiver on that was really worthwhile

I spent a fiver on an ice cream this week but to be fair it was on Tunnel Beach, I was on decompression and it was a really nice big ice cream. In hindsight, I would have paid more...
What a load of old bollocks that website is,


The purile drivel below the compassion and tolerance heading.

What would I spend a fiver on? Ammunition.
hookers or as much of a hooker as i could get for a fiver.
admittedly this isnt much from some posh escort agency, but the crack whores in derby quite a bit!
Gone are the days where my answer would be "20 fags" because they cost like £8 now depending on what you smoke.

Oh well.

Probably 10 fags and the change would be used to buy a new lighter since I cannae keep hold of them.

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