what would you spend a fiver on that was really worthwhile

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by compoman, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Sorry wrong text should be

  2. A kebab. I'd pay a fiver for a really nice kebab. With chili sauce. And garlic. And extra chillies.
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  3. I was thinking a Chinese takeaway or maybe a rump steak.
  4. I spent a fiver on an ice cream this week but to be fair it was on Tunnel Beach, I was on decompression and it was a really nice big ice cream. In hindsight, I would have paid more...
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  5. What a load of old bollocks that website is,


    The purile drivel below the compassion and tolerance heading.

    What would I spend a fiver on? Ammunition.
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  6. hookers or as much of a hooker as i could get for a fiver.
    admittedly this isnt much from some posh escort agency, but the crack whores in derby quite a bit!
  7. I didn't dare post it how very sickening it's like that Christmas.. err forget I mentioned it.
  8. For a fiver? Cost my wife £15 for the one I had at lunch today.......
  9. Maybe your wife doesn't use my butcher then?
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  10. Gone are the days where my answer would be "20 fags" because they cost like £8 now depending on what you smoke.

    Oh well.

    Probably 10 fags and the change would be used to buy a new lighter since I cannae keep hold of them.
  11. Buy cigs in Belgium then.
  12. You'd be lucky to get a grope of a tit for a fiver! Spend it on curry and have a wank!
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  13. Drive me there, pay for the fuel and the boat tickets and you're on.
  14. Come if you want i'm going anyway.
  15. I'm actually quitting on Sunday via some daft program through the local chemist. What else can we buy in belgium that we can't get here?