what would you spaff it on?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. picture the scene.

    instead of those two fat jockanese hoops dropping the big £161 mill, it's you who are clutching the lucky ticket.

    you've already partied hard and you've just woken up surrounded by empty champers bottles, lines of Bolivia's finest and party poppers. whats next on the shopping list and why?

    Me? I want one of these, the NASA Cape Canaveral launch countdown clock. put that fucker in the garden and it has endless use's, lets T49 junior know to the second when he's due back for his tea, how long until the Olympics kick off, even use it to tome pint-downing races with your mates.
    plus i reckon it would be decent bragging rights having the biggest stopwatch in the Western world.

    so, what would you buy with the money and why?

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  2. I'd quite like my own executive jet I could travel the globe emptying myself.
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  3. A stopwatch counts up, not down.
  4. I'd become batman. But not bat themed. Maybe. Or prossies.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Not if you're rich enough.
  6. I would commission an even bigger stopwatch to piss on your bragging rights.
  7. Like Orgasmo, and Didlo-boy?

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  8. I'd buy Auschwitz and reopen it for chavs.
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  9. for gingers?
  10. Thats is a fucking outrageous thing to say - I'm appalled - have you seen the fucking price of gas lately ???? Your cash would run out in no time
  11. On the plus side there would be barrels of fat you could make top end soap with, but there would be little for the wig business off the bone heads. Fuck all gold teeth too I'd bet.

    What about for the Turks? Soap, wigs & dental bling!
  12. AAGF


    Oh please - that's Choda-Boy
  13. And pikies. Let's not part with tradition
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  14. Since chavs are usually quite fat I'd could make a fortune selling lamp shades. Or soap as pointed out. But I'd expect most of the revenues to come from the freak experiments carried out on the dyslectic fucknuts.
  15. I'd buy Greece, kill all the males and ugly women and shag the rest.