Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. If you could say anything or bring anything to the attention of a high level Command manangement conference what would it be?
  2. I would ask them to do 6+ months in the sand pit like our boys do, front line stuff ofcourse, then ask them if they think we should be there. The big problem is none of the chiefs are in any danger - they play with us like toy soldiers.
  3. Some, though not all, of the current breed of Generals have direct experience of Ops in NI during the 70's and 80's (I know its not Afghan or Iraq) and some fought in the Falklands. Lt Gen Kiszely won an MC there. Many Admirals were on board ship there as young officersl with the real risk of being bombed or being hit by an exocet.

    If I had my chance with the Generals and politicians I would tell them that the forces are too small in terms of manpower and are equipped to satisfy political priorities and not the military realities that we confront on Ops. On top of that our hands are tied by legal constraints that do not recognise the harsh realities of the job and by doing so put our lives in danger.
  4. One of the biggest concerns of the modern day squaddie is that they are not actually being listened to by anyone of any relevance. How many times have you had a visit to your unit by someone of significant influence within the Armed Forces, and actually asked what you think? And of those few times (if ever) can you recall any of your remarks being acted upon in any way?
    I think one of the things I would point out (and beat in with a stick until it finally stuck) is that the Chain of Information from top to bottom is at worst a shambles, at best a series of Chinese whispers. For example, the vacating of JHQ. I hear many different rumours regarding what the outcome will be, and they all differ vastly. Maybe a regular brief direct to soldiers can be incorporated into JPA, regarding the more pressing issues
  5. I appreciate that however I was referring to the 'civilian' side of life. I think Bliar and co need to do play soldier for a few months and see if its really what they thought it was like. Throw in a few casualties/deaths of friends etc and then ask them the question: "Are we doing the people of(input war-torn country) any favours by having our presence here?"

  6. That pot of tea you've all been drinking was 1/2 tea and 1/2 my piss, and a small dollop of extremely powerful poison..............
  7. About my LSSA bonus..........
  8. I think i would ask about the future of recruitment, and how they think they will reach the young people of to day, not the drop outs but people who can deal with the advancement of technology for example... from an outsiders point of view, i would be asking what strategies they have to target the right tyes of recruit. with levels being at an all time low due to several reasions in the 16-18 year old age gap. what are they planning in terms of meeting the market?

    The fact is that apporpriate Recuits are becoming harder hard to find!

  9. Anything specific to Germany or overseas service?
  10. Why the sudden concern about recruitment? In a recent thread which you started elsewhere on the forum, you wanted advice on dating squaddies! Are you really getting through them that quickly? You really do sound like a classy piece!
  11. When do they intend to withdraw the troops from Sennelager and Hohne?
  12. Why do you consistently treat soldiers worse then civilians in terms of HR and Personnel matters ? Why do you expect soldiers to believe you have their best interests at heart when this is the case ? How can you as a result say "Serve to lead" with a straight face ?

    Pay for instance - a civvy form would be hauled up in front of a tribunal for a tiny fraction of the incompetence Glasgow exhibit. And I could go on but you get the picture.
  13. I'd ask them where the fun that the job used to have has gone
  14. Why have NAAFI been allowed to push out smaller organisations who have been with us for longer than they have?
  15. Now we are into a recruiting black hole and we also have the europe immigration problem I would say grab the additional available manpower from Poland Czech republic Romamia etc.
    Anyone care to argue against this?