What would you put in Sluggy's box?


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Following the announcement of the untimely death of @The_Snail at the tender age of 50, I was wondering what (if anything) various members would put in her coffin to assist her in the next world, whether upstairs or down.

Please do not turn this thread into a slagging match. This is intended to be a humorous tribute to the Queen of Arrse, Dale the Snail.

I will start the ball rolling with a picture of me because she loved sneering at fat blerks!

I couldn't find a suitable apple corer.
Fags (the smerking kind) , pink wine. the ashes of a ginger tapdancing pirate dog


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The stuffed Beaver she sent me when I was in ICU.

And a sackful of Maoam Pinballs

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That ladyshave on the left looks a bit brutal
That's a Peeler, faces, for the use of.

I can honestly say that I never had a harsh fonting or abusive comment from Dale (mainly because I only started posting after she was ill) but her virtual bullying of idiots was hilarious to watch.
Thank god!
I thought the grief-fest had tipped over into necrophilia...

pack of embassy no1 funsize


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EP ' My long - haired lover from Liverpool' by Donny Osmond.
And a My Little Pony. Pink.

Never mind Donny, she had a secret hankering for a real man ...


Ciao luvver, I'm further up the queue now xx

Plus some pink wine.
From a PM in 2010:
"Will you bring me some Aussie Leave in Hair Conditioner over please? It's about £7 on Amazon."

It was BOGOF at £6 at Superdrug so she got 4 of them. She's probably run out by now.
That would be "Long Haired Lover" famously sung by Jimmy then....

Donny's purple fringed stage belt, and a tiara, pink, Princesses for the uses of.


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Shame. It seems only the good die young(er than me).

Would an ashtray be a good idea?
An absolute classic:


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