What would you let the public get away with on ceremonial guard duty?

As I was walking back from the Garden Party at Buck House yesterday, I went past the guard outside St James's Palace at the bottom of Pall Mall. There was a small group of tourists snapping away including a group of Hasidic Jews (the ones in black with the long curl of hair on both sides of the head and large black hats) who seemed to be skylarking about a bit. As I crossed the road to wallk up St James's street I looked back and saw one sitting on another ones shoulders, standing right next to one of the Guards and trying to place his hat over the busby so his mates could snap him. A few people had stopped near them to watch these silly pricks and as I watched, the one on the shoulders jumped down and they moved away around the corner. The Guard never moved a muscle while these antics were going on but I would have loved to have stood witness for him if the guy had slipped and got a rifle end up the arse. But if you were on ceremonial guard duty, how far would you let things go before you reacted?
I'd be a bit miffed if i was bent over and forcefully sodomised by Dame Edna...

Or maybe thats just a fantasy of mine. Then again as long as shim stroked the bearskin at the same time i wouldnt say a word

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