What would you if given the chance . . . ?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Fat_Cav, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Here's the dilemma guys, I'm over in the US next week on business and I fancied something different on my last day (it's only a short trip) . .

    So I've opted, with my colleague, to pop along to a local range to brass up some targets. I've emailed a local range that does rentals and they've replied with:

    'we do not have a compiled list of them, however I can tell you that we have about 130 rentals, mostly handguns, and they are from the major manufacturers'

    Which leaves me with what should I waste my time sampling on the range? I've never fired a revolver and to be honest they don't do it for me. Am I missing a trick there though? Had the 9mm Browning as a personal weapon for a year or so, so auto's seem to me the way ahead. Also disapopinted in the lack of rifles, assault or otherwise.

    Had a sneaky trip to the armoury at PATA years back and handled some serious hardware, and quite liked the feel of the Sig Sauer P226 & P228. However it seems there must be a good choice, and I don't want to dither like a excited schoolie in a sweet shop

    So, fellow ARRSErs, given the opportunity what would you choose.
  2. personaly i like medium frame revolvers in .357 mag.
    SW586/Colt Pyton and bowling pins/falling plates = lots of fun...........

    ....... but i am biased.
  3. Some years back I had a go with a .44 Magnum with an extended barrel (Dirty Harry style)...it was known as "the cannon" in the gun club.

    Great fun!


  4. I've never driven a Ferrari but even if I had the money I wouldn't bother test driving one. However given that, I haven't discounted a revolver, I'm asking for advice on all.

    I'm Ex-SA(B)90 qualifed so I understand all about ranges. The dissappointment extends to it being the only range in the area where I'm visiting that does rentals :sad:

    Any particluar make??
  5. My handgun experience is confined to the service issue 9mm Browning (lot's of use) and the .38 S&M (very limited use in NI) except on one occasion back in the seventies, a local gun club used to come up to our 30 mtr range at the barracks in Dover occasionally and blast off with everything from blunderbusses to all sorts of handguns. On one of those weekends when on guard duty, me and my mucker sauntered past being nosey and both ended up being invited to have a cabby on a Magnum .337 and a Magnum .44. The .44 was monster fun to fire and challenging to hit anything with. I'd definately like another go on one.
  6. On a stag weekend last year in Slovakia, a few of us decided to hunt out the local range.

    We were treated to the usual, a glock , a Taurus, and a non-descript six shooter. (all very exciting for a civvie gun nut/walt!)

    They also had an AK47.

    But two of my favourite, where the Czech Skorpion (really just very fun to shoot)

    They also had an MP40. (great fun at the hip on full auto)

    My point being, I found that, despite never using a pistol, once I had done, one was very much the same as the other (apart from the obvious .357s etc)

    The rifles and SMGs where were I really enjoyed myself. Just not something that the average Joe gets to play with.
  7. . . And if I can convince my colleague to travel a bit, we can immerse ourselves in the murky but exciting world of assualt rifles/SMG's. :excited:
  8. Took the kids to a range in Miami in the summer and hired a S&W .357 and a Glock 17. I felt we all got a lot out of it, I was surprised about how much easier it was to group with the S&W especially when cocking and then firing as opposed to a single trigger pull to cock and fire.

    The indoor range we went to had a backstop that allowed calibres up to 7.62mm rifle on full auto. Once they knew we were from the UK they got all sympathetic about our laws and were falling over themselves to let us try everything they had (for a fee ;-)
  9. Saw on T'internet a gang of lads going over to U.S. letting rip with a Sten, I'd be happy to do that.
  10. I would go for:

    - a .38 Special S&W perhaps a Model 10 simple, straightforward and fun. Shoot some wadcutters for nice neat targets.
    - a cowboy gun! Likely to be a Ruger Vaquero but you can be Clint Eastwood for 30 minutes.
    - a .45 auto. Nicest handling pistol you will ever fire - with a kick.
    - a Browning is always nice.
    - a S&W Model 29 in .44 mag - loosen your fillings.

    I've shot/owned three of the above and you have a nice spread of types there if you just want the experience. Personally it would break my heart to shoot them again.....
  11. I have to agree with Watcher. The most fun possible to be had on a pistol range can be found from:

    - A custom tuned Smith & Wesson revolver, preferably a K frame with heavy match barrel and wadcutters. Failing that, a bog standard 586/686 is pretty damn good.

    - A hand fitted 1911. Anything from Wilson, Les Baer, Nighthawk or other 'factory custom' manufacturers would be superb. Go for 200 grain lead semi-wadcutter loads if you are worried about the recoil from the 230 grain ball rounds.

    IMHO anything 'combat tupperware' is something of an acquired taste. I personally wouldn't recommend a SAA/Vaquero or 0.44 Mag unless you had some prior experience with the type.
  12. Cheers All

    List is printed and I fly out Sunday.
  13. 454 Casull or 500 Linebaugh caliber revolvers are a hoot for about 2 shots after that they are feckin painful :)
  14. True, but I have certainly seen 686s and Kimbers. Close enough.
  15. Luger

    1911 .45 auto.

    .38 snub revolver

    .357 4 inch barrel

    A Thompson would be good to finish the session