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I might give them a shout, cheers for the tip.

Of course I'll have to get someone else to actually take the sword to Scotland for me. I haven't had my jabs.
The sword after a bit of elbow grease and acid to remove the paint. It still needs a bit of work to get the last of it off, but it looks a hell of a lot better already. A gentle scrub with wire wool and it will look bang tidy.

The spray paint made it look like a theatrical prop. Still no visible markings anywhere.

The hilt looks very similar to this;
Forged in Time - Hanwei Arms - Basket-Hilt Broadsword - European Swords

A replica copied from an original in the Royal Armoury.
Can someone explain to me why it's still necessary to nick a mobile phone when in December 2008 there were 75,750,000 mobiles in use for a population of 61,612,300 in the UK (Source: Wickie)

The British Retail Consortium (or similar retailers spokespeople) reckon that the UK has a population of 75 to 80 million, based upon food consumption.
On the other hand I'm obliged to have two mobile phones. I have my own and a work one.

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