What would you do?

So here we go, without naming names or units. I recently left after completion of my 22. In Dec last year left the unit and went on resettlement.

One of the 'systems' in place in our unit is that you can leave your Mess Dress in the clothing store for sale and the clothing store will attempt to sell it on at a charge of 10% to charity.

So I leaves the mess dress there for sale, returns in Mar to finish some last admin and pops in to the Clothing store to see if it has sold. I am informed that there is some confusion and my mess dress has possibly been stolen, storeman had some bad accounting habits etc etc.

Anyway, I speaks to the QM who informs me they will look for it and if it isnt found by 01 May then he will personally write me a cheque for £150 (normal price acheived). So off I goes happy that I have been reassured.

10 May - nothing so rings and rings, eventually get a ring back from the RQ, telling me sorry things are hectic etc etc cheque will be in the post.

Rings and rings and eventually get a call back telling me they have found part of my mess dress and will compensate me for the missing items (waistcoat and shirt) and then send it all back to me.

Well less than happy, but I have had enough now, so I wait and wait and now its 30 Jun and nothing still!!

So do I give them more time, I still have some loyalty to the mess and the unit, but is this misguided or what? Do I write a polite letter the RSM or CO informing them of this situation or and this is a big or, do I speak to the RMPs or the civpol???
have a word with the RSM. bit harsh to be calling the police without first giving him the courtesy of having the chance to sort it out for you!
Well that was my feeling too, only thing is its not a normal unit and the QM and RQ are either same or higher rank than the administering unit, which may complicate matters. Will give RSM a bell and see if it can be sorted without external influence.
Personally I would give the unit an opportunity to sort it out. You would do yourself no harm in writing a polite, but robust, letter to the RSM and giving say a month to sort things out.

My options would include:

a. Returning the Mess Dress in entirety, either by finding the missing kit or replacing it.

b. Producing the £150.

If nothing doing within the month (or time frame you have stipulated) then state you will be forced to go to the small claims court for compensation. SCC

As long as you are polite but firm (as we know Razzers don't like being threated) it should be sorted out. If the badge is a good bloke he will be embarrassed and stomp on somebody. If he is a knob you owe him feck all anyway.

I can't see the police being overly interested, although you may have to contact them for a crime number if the SCC requires it.

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