What would you do?

Scenario: you've just put your kids to sleep and your wife/husband is out working late.

Suddenly, you hear voices outside, you peer out of a window to see two masked men, one of them has a sledge hammer and the other appears to have a handgun of some description.

What do you do?
Yeah call the coppers as the seem act very fast when guns are involved like that man who was getting burgled the coppers said it would take a 1/2 hr to get there so he phoned back a couple of minutes latter said he had shot the burgler and the coppers where round there with in 5 minutes.
Think why the fcuk did I move to Belfast and that thinking there would be no trouble because of Drumcree was a big fcuking mistake. Pack the car at the earliest and safest opportunity and fcuk off to a relative even though you get robbed blind crossing to Scotland on a ferry.

Did I mention I lived in Northern Ireland?
In this fictional scenario, what country are we in MR?
maybe one of the people wearing the masks is your wife / husband out working late and they are trying to tell you something ?
Me? Go to the cellar, get my illegally aquired AK 47, load with copkiller rounds. Put on full body armour and breathing armour, shit my pants and pray....

Something has gone wrong in my equasion LOL
mistersoft said:
Did I mention I lived in Northern Ireland?
No, but you did mention that you lived in Holland. :?
Dogface said:
carpe_diem said:
Dogface said:
yyyyaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnn. Tell yourself that again after you deal with the home invasion you are about to experience in the scenario provided.
i wasnt telling myself that, i was telling you that
And? You would still need to deal with what you are about to experience.
ok then, how about a little advice on what to do from the waltlord himself?
sandmanfez said:
mistersoft said:
Did I mention I lived in Northern Ireland?
No, but you did mention that you lived in Holland. :?
Still do, Holland that is. Moved here from NI.
well i would love to launch into some story of what i would do that would be all heroic however the sad reality is there is very little that could be done, i don't keep any firearms in my home and if i did i would still be relucant to start a fire fight for 2 main reasons (that i can think of quickly);

-Unknown identity of people involved (could be mates playing a sick joke/law enforcement types)
-My sleeping children are behind walls that i doubt would provide massive ballistic protection

the legal implications would not be a factor that would affect my actions though (if that is part of what Manchester_Rogue was asking)
I would check to see if i had a Securitas sign above my door!

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