What would YOU do???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. Make out a receipt for a lot more and suggest splitting the difference

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  2. Put your hand in your own pocket to keep the till straight but refuse the receipt

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  3. Take the watch, baton and receipt and shove it up her tight fcuking arrse in an attempt to loosen it

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  1. Covering for my old boss at the moment while he's on holiday & I had a customer today. A respectable looking middle aged (45 ish?) woman who wanted a baton (hour marker) fixed back on her husband's Seiko watch.

    "So fcuking what?" you ask. Well, she also asked for a receipt for the (£3.00) repair cos "she had to claim it back". Turns out that the watch got damaged like this...

    When the paramedics turned up to attend her husband who was having a heart attack, they took the watch off and "threw it on the floor" which is how the baton came loose. She needed the receipt to claim for the damage off the local NHS trust.

    For the record, I chose option B, but C was SOO tempting if only there was no lubricant in the workshop
  2. I dont seem to be funny here but you put your hand in your own pocket?

    I take it she asked for a receipt, and said i will pay you when the money comes through? or did she pay you there and then?

    She has a right to claim the money from the NHS for damaging her husbands watch, and if he died in hospital it might be a lasting memory of him.

    You need to make this a bit clearer before i decide to vote in it!
  3. Sorry, should have said.

    With the paramedics' assistance he survived the heart attack and is recovering well. They removed the watch because it was (potentially) restricting his circulation.
  4. I would have given her the receipt as requested. She may be petty and small-minded but she is not doing anything beyond her rights. Maybe the mistake is in the laws involving emergency medical personnel. People like her really píss me off though. £3! At least it was only £3 and the NHS is not being screwed out of a large sum.

    Also, I am poor and need to save my money for beer.
  5. Still doesnt explain what you mean.
    Your saying that you didnt like that fact that she was claiming 3 quid back because the paramedics had saved her husbands life and damaged the watch.

    So when you worked on the watch you put your own money in the till to cover the 3 pound and refused to give her a receipt, because you didnt like the idea of her trying to claim it back.

    To be honest i wouldnt have even done that, i would have just repaired the watch, not declared it, and refused to give her a receipt.
  6. The option of you shoving "the watch, baton and yourself up your own arrse" was not an option so I did not vote....would be more democratic if there was an option for a write in vote :D

  7. Yep, woulda done that if she hadn't given the story AFTER the job was already on the books when she came to collect it.
  8. Get her to come back later to collect it, and play dumb on the receipt so she has to repeat the story.

    In the meantime, get a member of the fourth estate down to 'repair their watch'. Resulting publicity would be bad for her, good for you.
  9. Personally I wouldn't have bothered claiming if I were her but for all you know, the medics might have advised her to claim for any damage they did to the watch, not realising how much it was going to cost.
    Don't be so judgemental.
    She could be on benefits and £3 would pay for a days food.
  10. LJH - The old saying 'there is nowt as queer as folk' springs to mind.

    From what I hear I am suprised you didn't think of it. :)
  11. If I were you..........I'd get a proper job and a life. Who really gives a f*ck what she wanted...she was paying for it so serve her and shut your mouth.

    F8cking loser.
  12. Thanks for the advice Biff, but giving to the wrong person. Most people who know me will confirm how totally non-judgemental I am. But gets to a point being like that, with others judging you in return, that you may as well join the masses and start judging.

    The woman was a cnut.

    As are you Biscuits. Get a new soundtrack ffs you boring wnaker :wink:

    edited for typo to keep the boring wnaker happy :roll:
  13. Or poor and confused.

    Did you discus your views with her at the time of her purchase?
  14. What was he doing wearing a wrist watch as a choker?

  15. Jack...I too have missed the point.

    Did she ask you if she could defer payment as she didn't have any money, but asked for an INVOICE (as opposed to a receipt) in order to submit it to the NHS in order to pay you at a later date once the claim had gone through??

    Or am I being a bit of a BIFF?