What would you do?

Kick the missus out and buy my brother a beer for pulling such a horrendous looking bint.
Seems like a perfectly normal Welsh family, what's all the fuss about?

Who's wife is this sheep?????
I have to say if i ever found out a footballer had fucked me over (shagged missus,ripped me off finaclly etc.) i'd smash both his knees so he never played again
If, I found out someone was shagging my missus, I wouldn't do a thing to him.

I figure he would have enough problems with his blindness, no sense of smell or taste & his deafness!!


I'd let Giggs fuck me for a week of his salary. Then go look up Max Clifford and sell my story.................


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I'd send him an invoice for services rendered then drop the youngest child off at his house and claim its his.
Apparently she hates herself for doing it and just wants to put things right...by accepting a fat check from the News of The world and publishing a DVD of her doing "soft-core" posing. As any decent brother-fucker would...
Sens him straight to Spec-Savers.

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