What would you do?

I have to say if i ever found out a footballer had fucked me over (shagged missus,ripped me off finaclly etc.) i'd smash both his knees so he never played again
If, I found out someone was shagging my missus, I wouldn't do a thing to him.

I figure he would have enough problems with his blindness, no sense of smell or taste & his deafness!!


I'd let Giggs fuck me for a week of his salary. Then go look up Max Clifford and sell my story.................
Have you seen the little cunt?

Shag my brothers bird? No chance, it's not from a moral point of view, it is just that I dont fancy being kicked to death by cro-magnon man in a pair of cargo shorts and a Sale Sharks shirt..
Apparently she hates herself for doing it and just wants to put things right...by accepting a fat check from the News of The world and publishing a DVD of her doing "soft-core" posing. As any decent brother-fucker would...

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