What would you do?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Monty417, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. You are walking the dog at dusk one evening and you spot a couple of guys ahead of you. They are carrying a couple of weighty looking black bags and a shovel. You think something is strange, so you follow unseen.

    They reach a very quiet fairly concealed spot and after taking measurements and writing them down, proceed to bury the black bags.

    After marking the spot, you shoot off home, grab a spade and return to unearth the bags. With trepidation, you open one and find it stuffed with used £20 notes, the same with the other. Fucking Eureka!!!!

    What would be your next move? Just for example.......

    Phone the Police and report it?
    Fill your pockets and rebury the rest?
    Take the lot and hide it again, just using a bit now and then?
    Take the lot, hire a boat and fuck off to another country?
    Take the lot and use it at different Race Tracks and Betting Offices?
    Something else?
  2. Take the lot, then hire a hitman to do Peter Dow in.
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  3. Fill my pockets, move the rest to a different location, and spend it slowly but surely
  4. If there was enough left after Peter Dow was bumped off, I would have the missus wacked.
  5. Grab the cash, fill the bags up with shit and rebury.
  6. I'd give it all to a charity to help poor African children.
  7. what he said. taking care not to spend too much in any one go
  8. Nick the lot and very very carefully spend it over several years.
  9. i'd buy petrol with the cunt & go on the offensive against the the pikey cunts.
  10. Keep it.

    It still makes me spew when I remember those fucking do gooding 50 somethings finding bales of cocaine washed up on UK shores and their first instinct is to call the law. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cuttable chang rotting on the deck of some home counties nick.......
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  11. The "boat" option seems to me the best. Can`t understand why anyone would even think of giving a brass farthing to parasites like bookmakers.
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  12. You fibber.
  13. Falls, you are now my hero. I would never in a million years have thought of that.
  14. Like B&P said, but then buy a night with Dame Hellen and ruin her rusty gate. Plenty of 'Paddy's Gold Label' too. OHHH and a Chicken Naan Sandwich, onion, mayo and lashings of chilli suace please, turbanetta.
  15. Having thought about this a few times in the past...I'm with the nick the lot and carefully spend it over time. The problem is then, the temptation to live it up a little, buy a Merc or whatever, Holiday home etc etc. We are talking bags CRAMMED with £20 notes and nothing reported on the news.

    I might lean towards banging on some big bets to try and legitimise some by winnings.