What would you do with yours?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CrapSpy, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. From Sky:

    Jo's Third Nipple Drama
    Jo Whiley revealed a bizarre "accessory" yesterday on her Radio 1 show.

    The 39-year-old DJ told listeners how a trip to the doctors for a mole removal turned into something much more.

    After taking off her top to reveal her suspect mole, Jo was astonished to be told by the doctor that it wasn't in fact a mole but a third nipple.

    "Strange, yesterday I had three nipples - today I've got two," she told her morning show audience.

    She went on to explain how it all came about: "I was lying on the table and the doctor was looking at my mole. It was on my trunk, near my boob.

    "And bearing in mind where it was, the doctor said: 'I think this is actually an accessory nipple'.

    "I was sitting there talking rubbish as he came towards me with a shiny knife. It wasn't that bad, the injections were the worst."

    She also admitted that her husband now calls her Scaramanga - after the three-nippled James Bond villain.
  2. An accessory nipple??

    An accessory?

    A handbag is an accessory FFS! 8O
  3. I have a third nipple. I also have a solid gold pistol made from a pen, a lighter and a cigarette case.

    What do you say to that, Mr Bond?
  4. Get yer t.its out.
  5. OK, done that. Now what?
  6. When it gets very cold I look like I've got two belly buttons.....

    I'd rather not have the lower one removed thank you
  7. Unfortunately they are not erogenous. But you can always pretend it's a minor wounding or something. Scars are supposed to be becoming to men.
  8. RTFQ


    What's the maximum number of nips a woman can have? Do they all lactate post-natally (!?) I've googled "Sow-teats" but only got an initially promising but ultimately dissapointing site named "Ann-Marie Widstrom: Lessons from Sweden" and, worryingly, a disneyland site.
  9. Thats right, when I'm on the pull, I'm always particularly keen to find some hideously disfigured totty. Burns are especially arousing! (FFS :roll: )
  10. RTFQ


    The only wound I find becoming on a woman is her Hairy Axe Wound
  11. In CP's neck of the woods, I believe sexual partners with six nipples is fairly common-place! :D