What would you do with your own floating prison?

float it out to sea once its full of chavs, and sink the fecker
Likewise sink the damn thing and save the tax payer some money, oh and make them a little safer in their beds at night!
fill it full of chavs, tow it to the navy target ranges and use it for 4.5inch gun practice.
may as well get max use/fun/enjoyment out of it :twisted:
I would buy it and make myself Daddy of the landing.
A couple of things spring to mind ...

Fill it up full of illegal immigrants / Aussie bar workers, hoodies and chavs and give the buggers a free cruise to the Falklands.

Paint it in a colour scheme reminisant of a bad acid trip and Park it up in randomly in inconvenient places like dead centre of the boat lanes during the university boat race or Henley regatta or wedge it under Tower Bridge when its been opened.
Seems a pretty decisive case to me! Pack it to the rafters with all the undesireable cases from the Brit chokeys, send it out to sea and scuttle it (very far) off the Canaries somewhere!
Then get Phoney Tony to express his hand-wringing, totally artificial regret at the loss of life. Job done.

What could be easier?

Couldn't we have Tony and his wife on board? We could convince them it was a freeby cruise or something, I'm sure Cherie would feel at home amongst the assorted scum.
I'd rent it out to that cnut Peter Mandleson for some favours in the house and then wait until he's deep inside an illegal brazilian immigrant, before towing it to Antartica. Once there I'd disable all radio systems and moor the fecker onto the biggest iceberg in the world. If I could get Tony and the rest of those other cnuts onboard, so much the better :twisted:
Fire detection system with push bottom alarms
and a fully pressurised sprinkler system.
Looks like mandies been there already!
Is there any room left for travellers, paedophiles and the welsh ?????
OSACIN said:
Is there any room left for travellers, paedophiles and the welsh ?????
We can't get rid of the Welsh! Who will mine for pot noodles?!

Flatten the top out, add some weapons, then we might get at least ONE new carrier!

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