what would you do with this scumbag?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Welcome to the world of Justice in the UK!
  2. I think a swift "double tap" to the offenders swede is what is required. No fuss, just swift justice. It should be done infront of the other local junkies too.

    That poor old man to think his honourable life would be ended by a scrote like this. RIP Sir.
  3. Hang him
    What else is the worthless cnut good for?
  4. i think i would take this chap for a ride, chained (on a length of chain) to the back of my car

    Rattler solution, 1 x car (reusable) 100 quid
    1 x fuel 5 quid
    1 x chain 10 quid
    1 x screaming dragged to death dregg Priceless

    The cost per prisoner place at HMP Exeter, based on its Certified Normal Accommodation, is £41,661 per annum
  5. Seconded. The thought of paying £1k a week just to house the scrote at Her Majesties Pleasure for 30 years is a double insult to those law abiding people who work their way through life. :x

  6. Seconded. The thought of paying £1k a week just to house the scrote at Her Majesties Pleasure for 30 years is a double insult to those law abiding people who work their way through life. :x


    Genuine question, is that honestly how much is costs per week to house these bastards? :? I cant believe it, im all for bringing back capital punishment for this ******. Some one has to see this and sort the scumbag out!
  7. No shortage of ways he should be dealt with, however what will happen:

    Life sentence which will actually mean eligible for release in about 20 years at most.

    First few years will be spent in drug treatment wing - unsuccessful but shows willingness to change (on instruction from his appeal solicitor).

    Move to a nice clean high security prison

    Own room (for his own protection)

    3 square meals a day + drinks and snacks, even occassional takeaway

    Opportunities to buy drugs with less risk of getting caught and punished than when outside

    TV and radio but no need to buy a license

    Gymnasium, sports facilities, theatre groups various free entertainment opportunities

    Free access to library and education courses

    Litttle job to earn money for drugs/ciggies

    Plenty of chances to appeal against his conviction and sentence, each appeal funded by us the taxpayer

    Family visits

    Transfer to low security prison after 6-8 years or so

    Endless queue of do-gooders wanting to understand his pain, suffering and excuses for his behaviour
  8. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    The justice system in the UK is dominated by communists,tree huggers and other do-gooders.Labour party policy.

    What is needed is robust US style punishments that WILL deter this type of criminality.

    Let's start with life for drug dealers(and I mean life,no parole).

    Murder must carry mandatory death sentences,in cases like this carried out in puplic.

    I will add that ANY immigrant convicted of any crime will be stripped of citizenship and deported at the conclusion of any sentence.Reason,not racist.Britain has enough home-grown criminals,without importing the scum of the earth from elsewhere.
  9. If it's really that attractive an option, why don't more people choose this path?!
  10. make him share a cell with dennis neilson?
  11. Judging from the record over-crowding in HM Prisons, I think we can assume many people are choosing this path!
  12. Sadly mate I think that they do. If you are leading the life of a scrote where is there any form of deterrant or punishment in the above?

    They have made their choices and need to be shown a living hell. I would even support shorter sentences provided the prison they serve in was a living hell - Gitmo bay stylee.

    This man gave up his human rights when he beat up and murdered that old man.

    OR - I posted a few years back give them the option of joining a mine clearing cadre.

    We train them in the basics and they then serve their sentance in the mine fields of the world for the duration of their sentance. UK PLC could charge the UN for their services and we could make some money out of the bstards - and compensate some of the families too.
  13. Scum: if the evidence is overhelming execute him as quickly as possible.
  14. Burn him at the stake cheap to do and good TV viewing better than the jade crap thats on.