what would you do with that much bunce?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. Penny Johnson facelift: Businesswoman suing for £54m over facial twitch | Mail Online

    Notwithstanding the whole compo-culture, it ain't my fault, and the Daily Wail using the A'ghan vetrens as a comparison tool. And quite apart from donating the whole heap to H4H of course.

    I would buy the biggest brothel in the world, lock myself in and retire. not very adventourous I admit, but it's my £54 million and i'll spend it all on brass's if I want to
  2. I'd buy 54 million scratch cards ... bound to double yer money.
  3. Well, Mrs Rodney2q might object to the brothel plan but I'd soon own a nice restaurant and bar in some sunny place and when I'm not there I'd be touring round the world in a big FO luxury car and not bothering about fuel prices...

    sigh - dream on!

  4. Can't resist this; I'd spend some on women, some on drink, and some on gambling. The rest I would just squander.
  5. Im wondering who does their maths

    600 grand a year (yeah whatever) times 30 year career (if your dumb enough to work that long with that kind of salary)

    Doesnt make 54 mill.
  6. They take into account a year on year percentage increase in salary, plus there will be an amount awarded for "hurt feelings"...
  7. It always easy to award it when its not your money :)
  8. I'd give it all to charity to help orphans and poor people.

    And animals. Especially donkeys that have been beaten up by gypsies.
  9. I would go in the pub and I wouldn't buy anyone a drink; when they call me a miserable cunt I will say well you're going to talk about me anyway.

    Then I would buy a great big pad in the country with a massive fence and employ ex them to patrol the grounds, Oh! and a bunch vicious fuck off dogs, and a big sign out front saying "I don't care if you are related to me you can fuck off!"

    Then I would spend my time counting it and laughing at poor people on the TV

    Then I would probably go off and hunt endangered species, and here is the best bit. I would be rich and their is nothing you could do to stop me.

    Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:
    Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:
    Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor: Toight

    I would play that a lot