What would you do with a large sum of money?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by RearWords, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Ok a question for the financial gurus out there. I have a large sum of money that I want to reap some dividend from.

    It's not enough to buy a property with cash - that would be my first choice.
    I really don't want to play the stock market - been there not seen much of a return.
    Forget ISA's - already got some.
    The savings accounts I've looked at don't inspire me.
    It doesn't have to be easily accessed as I don't need it day to day.

    Seems like if you're a potential saver and/or investor you're getting a poor deal at the moment.

    Oh and before some bright spark suggests their bank account - heard that one before.

    Any ideas?
  2. Give it to me. IN return I'll rohypnol myself once a week, and give you a good seeing to.
  3. If I were you I'd post on the Internet and hope someone thinks the money is worth giving you a poke.
  4. If it was say, 100k I'd spend 99000 on women and booze, and just waste the rest.
  5. Ive not got a lot on, Ill give you 6 weeks of complete ****ing lunacy behind your locked front door for half of it.
  6. Smudge - great comeback.

    It's not the Naafi. Serious question.
  7. If i was you i would spend it on facial waxing. It might take £50,000.
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  8. buy a boat
  9. What you wouldn't even get out of the porch?
  10. I'd buy a pony and some cheesy Wotsits.
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  11. There is no doubt that equities are the place to be, long term. You say you have ISAs - I bet they are cash, not shares. You can now pay c£10600 a year to an equity ISA.

    So, depending on timeline and your attitude to risk - ISA, equity portfolio, some ready cash.
  12. Quavers instead of Wotsits and you have a deal!
  13. NS&I bonds. If you buy over 10k worth you should get a good return by way of winnings on the weekly lottery.
  14. dizzy.chick

    dizzy.chick Clanker Book Reviewer

    I'm going to risk being serious on this one. I would invest it in social bonds, similar to what care international do but on a slightly larger scale. They aren't too widespread at the moment but my work is involved in their development. They are trying to find a way to offer a financial as well as social return.
  15. Nice idea - will weigh up pros and cons.