What Would You Do With 30K

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Cyclic, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. A family member has 30k to invest but dose not want to put it in a house as his work is intermittent and he could not be sure of making repayments.

    So what would/do you do for a long term investment with only a relatively small amount ?
  2. Put it under the matress and leave it its the safest place these days.
    Or give it to me for safekeeping and i'll store it for them.

    Put it in the highest interest account you can find and leave it alone.
  3. Gold or silver.
  4. You'd need another £30k to keep the thing running, 17mpg, I nearly shat.

    I'd say gold or silver, or currency, but that can be a pretty big gamble.
  5. In all seriousness I would put the lot in Premium Bonds. You can get it out easily when you want to and there's pretty good chance of winnings that will do better than current interest rates anywhere. Plus there's the chance of a big win. 30k is the maximum amount of bonds you can have, and if I ever won the lottery then I would max mine to 30k right away.
  6. First £10k into an ISA, tax free and easy access. Do it soon get £10k in before the end of March and another £10k in at the start of the next tax year in April. Piss the rest against the wall
  7. I had maximum holdings of NS&I Premium Bonds for 2 yrs, and must have won £250 over that period. As an investment they are somewhere between BCCI and Desire Petroleum.

    Answer to the original question, I suppose, is dictated by how much risk the inheritor of said £30,000 is willing to take with it.

    A Bank or Building Society Savings account will pay anywhere between 1 and 3.5% (Top 10 Savings Accounts UK - High Interest Rates & Best Saving Account Comparison), and your money is safe etc etc.

    Stocks & shares - good way to make a bit of wedge if you have an idea of what to invest in, but you've got to be prepared to lose the lot (as I have bored people with here - http://www.arrse.co.uk/finance/176710-what-shares-invest.html)

    And obviously there are the fun options - buy yourself a half decent car,have a few weeks on another planet courtesy of Colombia's finest export, a nice Czech whore for a while........ The opportunities are endless!!!!
  8. Invest in Antiquities.

    My thing is militaria. I don't go buying it full-time, just whenever certain items come up or, i stumble upon them. Sometimes a small investment can reap rewards far better than any bank account in a relatively short period of time. An antiquity does not normally, depreciate in value, and worst case scenaro you will get your money back when you sell it on.

    The only issue being, you need to have an idea of what you're looking for.....
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I'd pay the gardener for a year and tell him to crack on. In twelve months time he can come back and bleat on about money. Until then I would forget about the badly dressed mumbling ******.
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  10. The questions I would first ask are:

    1. Does he/she have any debts?
    2. When does he want access to the money?
    3. Does he need a regular (monthly) income?
    4. What is his attitude to risk?
    5. If work is "intermittent" does that mean he is currently eligible for benefits that would be stopped if he has too much money?

    By the way, my experience of Premium Bonds over decades is an annual return of 3%. One win of more than £1000 would completely transform that figure but I am not pinning my hopes on it!

  11. Rolex watches and Parker Duofold pens can be a good investment.
  12. Pay a chunk of my mortgage off.

    Oh, and buy a pony.
  13. Gold is the way ahead, 23%/annum increase over the last 3 yrs, it rarely if ever devalues and it is an ever decreasing commodity. Bullion dealers provide an income calculator like our pension calculator. Currently £5k of bullion over 5 yrs will give you a return of 6k profit at today's rates. And it's easy to cash in if you want it back.
  14. See! Listen to Uncle Jarrod.