What would you do to the infantry if you had to make cuts.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Styron, Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. Perhaps something like this, and yes I know I have bought back the Queens, but I thought to have larger regiments such as these with an end to the county regiments might be a better route to go down than a Corp of Infantry.

    Anyway I am probably miles out but we should work together on this thread and come to a conclusion as to the best way forward for the infantry and then we could even email it to the powers that be at the MOD. :D

    Here's my attempt.




    1st Bn The Grenadier Guards 1 GREN GDS

    1st Bn The Coldstream Guards 1 COLM GDS

    1st Bn The Scots Guards 1 SG

    1st Bn The Irish Guards 1 IG

    1st Bn The Welsh Guards 1 WG

    There are generally three battalions from the Guard's Division on public duties, in London, at any one time. When a Regiment is stationed in London on public duties, it is given an extra company, to ensure the additional manpower required for ceremonial events is available.

    The Prince of Wales’s Own Scottish & Welsh Division

    1st Bn The Royal Scottish Regiment 1 RSR
    (Royal Scots and Borderers)

    2nd Bn The Royal Scottish Regiment 2 RSR
    (Black Watch)

    1st Bn The Royal Highland Regiment 1 RHR
    (Highlanders and Fusiliers)

    2nd Bn The Royal Highland Regiment 2 RHR
    (Argyll and Sutherland)

    1st Bn The Royal Regiment of Wales 1 RRW
    (Prince of Wales’s)

    2nd Bn The Royal Regiment of Wale s 2 RRW
    (Welch Fusiliers)

    The Queen's Division

    1st Bn The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment 1 PWRR
    (Royal Hampshire and Kent)

    2nd Bn The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment 2 PWRR
    (Devon and Cornwall)

    3rd Bn The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment 3 PWRR
    (Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters)

    1st Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1 RRF

    2nd Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 2 RRF

    3rd Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 3 RRF

    1st Bn The Queens Regiment 1QR
    (Surrey and Home Counties)

    2nd Bn The Queens Regiment 2QR
    (Berkshire, Gloucester and Wiltshire)

    3rd Bn The Queens Regiment 3QR
    (East Anglia)

    The King's Division

    1st Bn The King's Regiment 1 KINGS

    2nd Bn The King's Regiment 2 KINGS
    (Cheshire and Staffordshire)

    3rd Bn The King’s Regiment 3 KINGS
    (Cumbria and Borders)

    1 st Bn The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment 1 DWR
    (West Yorkshire)

    2nd Bn The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment 2 DWR
    (North Yorkshire and Teesside)

    3rd Bn The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment 3 DWR
    (South Yorkshire and Humberside)

    The Light Division

    1st Bn The Light Infantry 1 LI

    2nd Bn The Light Infantry 2 LI

    3rd Bn The Light Infantry 3 LI

    1st Bn The Royal Green Jackets 1 RGJ

    2nd Bn The Royal Green Jackets 2 RGJ

    3rd Bn The Royal Green Jackets 3 RGJ

    16th Air Assault Brigade

    1st Bn The Parachute Regiment 1 PARA

    2nd Bn The Parachute Regiment 2 PARA

    3rd Bn The Parachute Regiment 3 PARA

    1st Bn The Royal Ghurkha Rifles 1 RGR

    The Royal Irish Regiment

    1st Bn The Royal Irish Regiment (Home Service) 1 R IRISH

    2nd ( TA) Bn The Royal Irish Regiment (Home Service 2 R IRISH (TA)

    The Special Air Service Regiment

    The 22nd Special Air Service Regiment 22 SAS

    The 21st Special Air Service Regiment 21 SAS (TA)

    The 23rd Special Air Service Regiment 23 SAS (TA)

    Territorial Infantry Bn's

    3rd Bn The Royal Scottish Regiment 3 RSR (TA)

    3rd Bn The Royal Highland Regiment 3 RHR (TA)

    3rd Bn The Royal Regiment of Wales 3 RWR (TA)

    4th Bn The Kings Regiment 4 KINGS (TA)

    4th Bn The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment 4 DWR (TA)

    4th Bn The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment 4 PWRR (TA)

    4th Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 4 RRF (TA)

    5th Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 5 RRF (TA)

    4th Bn The Queens Regiment 4 QR (TA)

    4th Bn The Light Infantry 4 LI (TA)

    5th Bn The Light Infantry 5 LI (TA)

    4th Bn The Royal Green Jackets 4 RGJ (TA)

    5th Bn The Royal Green Jackets 5 RGJ (TA)

    4th Bn The Parachute Regiment 4 PARA (TA)

    2nd Bn The Royal Irish Regiment 2 R IRISH (TA)

    36 Regular Bn’s

    14 TA Bn’s


    1 R. Irish Reg Bn

    1 R. Irish TA Bn
  2. Good one ! :wink:
  3. Can't say I'd have put those roguish blades down as infantry.

    They shouls have their own little bit
  4. If i had my way when it came to cuts in the infantry.....i would grind em' all up for grub for the fire station galley.

  5. What's the deal with the Duke of Boots? Green Howards and PWO have traditionally recruited well and have very distinct recruiting footprints which have feck all to do with the DWR.
  6. The WFR's are a prime example of an infamous county regiment over amalgamated. The TA used to show the true recruitment potential of this regiment at one point they had enough coy's to nearly form 3 TA battalions. 3 WFR in 1990 had 8 coys and 4 WFR 6 coys.
    Joining 1 WFR in this period was also hard, many of my mates had to join cheshires or staffs to name a couple.
    Anyway the Queens is mainly a southern regt, surely joining the Anglians may be easier to stomach. (Lincs and Leics used to be part of the Foresters Bde, until these two left to join the Anglian Bde which then became the Royal Anglians)

    As to DWR/PWO/GH/LI maybe they should adopt the title East & West Riding regt was hinted at getting: 'Prince of Light Green Wellies'?
  7. Tit.......
  8. Sack the striking fire......******* and employ them (the inf) as public servants.....who appreciate flexible working hours allowing them to pursue second careers, obviously the job comes with with a substantial pension and copyright on calenders 8)
  9. The DWR are West Riding of Yorkshire?

    The DWR are also one of the few battalions over strength and have strong recruitment from the West and South Yorks area.

    I was trying to get rid of the county regiments so didn't really want to keep the Anglicans.

    Although I have no problem with 3 bns of Green Howards or PWO instead of the Duke of Boots or 3bns of Royal Anglican rather than the Queens.

    As for the hungry fireman I hope to god you are writing from a secure unit possible next cell to Hannibal Lectar 8O
  10. Its Royal Anglians NOT Royal Anglicans
  11. Thanks for that.

    Made some changes.
  12. 2 main issues with what you propose (and one of them is more semantic than the other!)

    The Black Watch's title is and has been for many a long day

    The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)

    They are the oldest Highland Regiment in the Army and as such renaming them is a bit, in my opinion, daft.

    2. Wouldn't it make more sense to group the Welsh regiments in with Kings Div or Queens Div? This is purely from a recruiting and logistics point of view. I also think it would be sad to loose Scots Div as a stand alone, but that's because i'm Scottish!
  13. If talking semantics, then tying the Welsh in with the Queens Div is equally random line_bloke!
  14. Styron,
    The Royal Highland Fusiliers, whom you would lump in as part of a large Highland regiment, recruit from Glasgow and Ayrshire and are Lowlanders and proud of it, despite their title.
  15. Perhaps creating large regiments is the way to go. Form new large regiments for the entire infantry, including the Guards. Each comprising 4 regular Bns and 2 TA. The TA Bns would follow on in numerical order from the regular, e.g. 5th(TA)Bn !st (Scottish) Regiment. The regiments shown in parenthesis below each large regiment are merely suggested groupings and would not be included in the large regiment's title.

    The Guards Regiment.

    1st (Scottish) Regiment.
    (All Scottish Regiments)

    2nd (Southern) Regiment.

    3rd (Fusilier) Regiment.

    4th (Northern) Regiment.

    5th (Mercian) Regiment.

    6th (Wessex) Regiment.

    7th (Light) Regiment.

    8th (Airborne) Regiment.

    9th (Gurkha) Regiment.

    No regimental titles would be retained, including the Guards, not even in parenthesis.

    No distinctions in uniform, including buttons, even for Scottish regiments and RGJ/LI (although the infantry as a whole could adopt black buttons and a rifle green beret). The only distinction would be in capbadge and DZ patch and perhaps a lanyard. The 8th (Airborne) Regiment would retain the red beret. The No 2 Dress uniform would be modernised, better cut and material and a dark green colour.

    No titles would include 'Royal' ( it would be assumed that all regiments are Royal)

    All foot drill/rifle exercises would be revised, modernized (no foot stamping) and standardized throughout the infantry including the Guards Regiment.

    The Guards Regiment would retain 1 extra (5th) Bn as a public duties Bn with personnel being trickle posted to it for a maximum of 3 years. RSM, D/Sgt, CSMs could be permanent Staff on the long service list.

    The 1st (Scottish) Regiment would have an extra, composite, company stationed in Edinburgh for public duties, with personnel being trickle posted for a maximum of 3 years. Permanent Staff as per Guards Public duties Bn.

    Drastic? Perhaps (though something similar occurred in 1881 except in reverse). Though eventually inevitable. Why not go the whole hog now?