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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by private---pile, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. private---pile

    private---pile Old-Salt

    i have just had a few pints as its friday lunchtime....and it got me thinking...

    if you where the last person on this earth, (like i am ledgend without zombies)

    what would you do?

    i honestly dont know what id do
  2. slimjim

    slimjim War Hero

    take advantage of the fact that you can do what ever the fcuk you want and go where every you want!
  3. Shut the door turn out the lights and leave?
  4. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    Find the fastest car in the area, thrash it around the place. When it ran out of petrol, i would find another one and do the same again.
  5. supermark500

    supermark500 War Hero

    Break into people's houses and snoop around.
  6. private---pile

    private---pile Old-Salt

    true! id go to birmingham once it has been cleaned up a bit.....
  7. Leave all the toilet seats up without fear of female reprisals
  8. private---pile

    private---pile Old-Salt

    you couldnt do the fun stuff like murder etc because youd be the only person there....so your fairly limited in that respect
  9. Chat up a few sheep.

    Anticipate successful invasion and domination of the rest of the world.

    Then, in the afternoon.....
  10. thrombo

    thrombo Old-Salt

    I would probably masturbate in a public place, like a park bench or a bus stop.

    Because I could.
  11. flowers

    flowers LE

    Why wait until the end of the world for that one? Go on.....live a little!
  12. As there would be no men about...break into ann summers and clear out the stash of vibrators, dildos and batteries....... then into Marks and Spencers and eat all the cakes because who would give a shit if I got fat!
  13. private---pile

    private---pile Old-Salt

    what if i was there also?
  14. Tax_Tw-t

    Tax_Tw-t War Hero

    Then she wouldn't be the last person on earth. :roll:
  15. hornepils

    hornepils Old-Salt

    Why wait for the end of the world? I do it now..although the old dears at the back of the church are starting to get suspicious. Last week, even the vicar noticed and asked whoever it was doing it, to stop peeling bananas during service