What would you do if your TAC closed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Change capbadge, join another corp.

  2. Bin the TA, its been a long haul.

  3. Drive 60 odd miles to your sister sqn and your muckers.

  4. THrow a massive party, and loot the TAC , why should the Seniors get first dibs?


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  1. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Just a straw poll.
    If your TAC closed due to government cuts what would you do ?
  2. fatmini

    fatmini War Hero

    you missed throw a party its about bloody time , off the list !
  3. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Sorry, too late to add it now, good point thouigh !
  4. MadBiker

    MadBiker Swinger

    I'm quite lucky i have another unit about the same distance from me, but i would be prepared to travel abit further to another unit/squadron
  5. Mobat

    Mobat LE

    I am out now, however, back when SDR happened I did what I have just voted.
  6. blueflossy

    blueflossy Old-Salt

    Drive to another sqn. Why not?........ Its paid for isn't it??

    (upto 100 miles ???)
  7. PRC-349

    PRC-349 LE

    Definatly wouldnt bin the TA as it's been the best thing I've ever done. So I'd apply for travel expenses to Chelmsford and change capbadge to Infantry. As well as fight off an urge to send an insulting note to the beancounters responsible :x
  8. Fixed it for you.
  9. MadBiker

    MadBiker Swinger

    Prc you could stay a sig at chelmsford, so you wouldn't have to change cap badge unless you wanted too.

    Nothing wrong with infantry by the way ( uncle was in inf)
  10. PRC-349

    PRC-349 LE

    I know but to be honest I have always been more inclined towards the infantry even before joining.
  11. fatmini

    fatmini War Hero

    exellent,can i still vote for this option even though i have allready voted :p
  12. I'd bin TA and join the local cricket club...
  13. supermark500

    supermark500 War Hero

    I'd drive the extra 5 miles to the other unit in my town.
  14. You could always go to a real pub?

    or join the local Rugby club... or the train spotters. :twisted:
  15. Buy it off Mr Broon, donate it to the corps and instal myself as Hon Col.